In Labor?

It’s been an exciting day! Last night around midnight I discovered a lot of pinkish discharge in my underwear. For the next 12 hours I had bloody discharge every time I went to the bathroom. I called labor & delivery and since I wasn’t dripping blood or fluid, or soaking a pad, they said it was most likely just bloody show and nothing to worry about. Just before noon I lost a huge piece (nearly as big as my thumb) of bloody, mucusy discharge, which I think was my mucus plug. I also started having mild, irregular, period-like cramping. I googled bloody show and was excited to read that many women go into labor within 1-3 days of seeing it!

My husband and I had a leisurely day – we took a walk down to one of our favorite little cafes for lunch, then strolled around downtown. We came home with plans to go to the movies this evening, but I ended up napping until about 7pm when my doula called to check on me (I had been keeping her updated throughout the day). Around 7:30 I noticed my contractions were starting to feel stronger and more regular, so I started timing them using an app on my phone. To my surprise, they were coming regularly about every 4 minutes and lasting about 30 seconds each.

It’s now about 9:45 and I’ve been timing them continuously since then. They are, in fact, getting longer, stronger, and closer together, which is the hallmark of true labor. Currently they’re about 40 seconds long, about 3 minutes apart, and fairly intense. My doula encouraged me to wait until they’re closer to a minute long before going to the hospital. Over the last few hours my husband has been finishing up any last minute tasks and I’ve been eating, showering, and doing my evening nebulizers. We live about 5-10 minutes from the hospital and depending on how things go, we may head over there before too much longer so I can get checked. I’ll be back with updates!


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