38 Weeks: Final Pregnancy Update!

One of the last pictures of me pregnant!

How far along? 38 weeks and 2 days

Due Date: August 9th, 2016 (but I’m getting induced August 2nd!)

Total weight gain: 12.5 pounds

Maternity Clothes: Absolutely. And some of them are too small now!

Stretch Marks: Yep. Still quite a few on my underbump, below my belly button. But no new ones recently.

Sleep: So-so. I’ve been cutting out the afternoon naps, even when I’m tired, in order to get better sleep during the night. It’s been helping. I usually still wake up in the night to pee, get comfortable, stare at the ceiling, etc. but I’m able to get back to sleep more easily. I’m still sleeping 8-10 hours a night which is lovely.

Best Moment of the Week: On Tuesday night I went to a Mommy-to-Be meetup hosted by a local parents’ group. It was great to chat with some other pregnant ladies about our experiences and get recommendations for resources in our community. One of the other attendees was a woman I had met in one of our labor classes. She’s also 38 weeks along with her first baby, a girl. She’s a lot of fun and we’re going to try to stay in touch. It would be great to have a mom-friend with a baby the same age!

FullSizeRender (1).jpg
Another highlight this week: getting a huge box of secondhand baby clothes from my cousin in Texas! Her little girl is 9 months old and they’re not planning on having any more, so she sent me tons of stuff.

Miss Anything? I’ve been pregnant for so long now that I think I’m starting to forget what it’s like not to be pregnant. I do vaguely remember a time when I could get off the sofa without considerable effort, my back didn’t hurt, and I could eat whatever I wanted. I’m looking forward to getting back there!

Movement: Still lots! She’s been really active throughout the whole pregnancy, and even though her movements are more constricted these days, I still feel her a lot. It’s going to be strange not to feel that anymore once she’s born.

Food cravings: Fruit, red meat, sweets. This week I’ve been pretty bored since I’ve kept my calendar clear in case I go into labor, so I’ve been working on prepping freezer-to-crockpot meals for after the baby’s here. I’m not much of a cook and I hate chopping veggies so that part hasn’t been awesome, but I’m feeling pretty smug about all the food I’ve managed to squirrel away. The ones I’m most looking forward to trying are the Chicken Alfredo, Meatball & Veggie Soup, and Beef Stroganoff. And I can’t wait to have some pancakes! From what I’ve read, gestational diabetes usually goes away almost immediately after birth, so I hope they have pancakes on the hospital menu. 🙂

FullSizeRender (2).jpg
Frozen meals!

Anything make you sick or queasy: I’ve actually thrown up a few times in the last couple of days, which isn’t much fun. It’s always right after I wake up, before I get the chance to eat something. Yuck.

Symptoms: I really don’t have much stamina these days. Yesterday all I did was go to my doctor’s appointments and spend about 4 hours prepping freezer meals, and I was exhausted! My back and feet hurt from standing and I was falling asleep on the couch. In general I’ve just been feeling big and awkward, and I’m still having some shooting pains in my cervix area. I’ve also noticed an increase in my Braxton-Hicks contractions, though they’re never painful. It’s just a tight feeling in my abdomen. More on this in a bit.

Belly button in or out: Way out!

Happy or Moody: I’ve been going back and forth. I’m generally in a pretty good mood, but I’ve had some intense cranky spells lately – especially with my husband. If I feel like he isn’t pulling his weight with household chores or being appropriately sympathetic to my aches and pains, I’m not shy about letting him know. In general he’s been wonderful, though.

Looking forward to: Having this baby… in less than a week!!!

I noted in an earlier post that I’m being induced at 39 weeks because of my gestational diabetes. My doctor told us that late in pregnancy my blood sugars would become more difficult to control and the resulting highs and lows could stress the fetus. Though we were initially skeptical about this since I had been able to control my glucose so well with diet alone, I can see now that the doctor was right. She opted not to put me on insulin (yay!) because I’m still able to keep my levels pretty normal by eating right, but my fasting glucose in the mornings has been creeping up to consistently above-normal levels. The cut-off is 95 and mine are usually 95-100. I’m also having to be much more careful about my carb intake. I can’t have any refined sugar at all at this point – just a little fruit if I want something sweet. All of this isn’t severe enough to warrant treatment, but I’m glad this baby won’t be in there too much longer.

At my appointment yesterday I asked my OB to check my cervix again. It’s still only about a fingertip dilated, but I’ve progressed to 75% effaced! I was really glad to see that since any progress will make the induction on Tuesday easier. I’m also having a lot of practice contractions. During my 20-minute non-stress-test the monitor picked up three! In fact, the doctor called me on my way home to double-check that I wasn’t feeling any pain with the contractions (I’m not) because if I was, I would need to go to labor and delivery. They said it’s possible I may go into labor before my induction, which would be great, but I kind of doubt it will happen for some reason.

It still feels really surreal that this time next week we should have a baby of our own. At this point I probably feel more anxious about the whole thing than excited, to be honest. Of course, I’m excited to meet the baby and start this new phase of our lives, but I find myself worrying a lot. Will the baby be ok? Will we be good parents? Will we be able to keep her safe, well-fed, and healthy? I actually don’t feel that worried about coping with the delivery – just about what we’re going to do with this brand new human entrusted to our care.

I’ll be sure to update if there’s any news. I’ll also probably update from the hospital if I can – and of course, I’ll be posting once she arrives! Thank you all so much for all of your support and encouragement throughout my infertility journey and pregnancy. I can’t believe it’s almost over!


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