Stretch Marks Have Arrived

Guys… my stretch marks are here. I had gotten so far unscathed that I hoped I might make it all the way to the end without any, but no such luck. 😦

On Sunday (35 weeks and 5 days) I noticed the first one. The next day (today) I found a few more. In the span of two days! What am I in for? Will I be covered in stretch marks by the end of the week?

They’re all on the lower part of my belly, below my belly button. My suspicion is that as the baby dropped she put a lot of strain on that part of my belly. The skin is definitely tight, and I guess it just couldn’t hold out any longer.


They’re kind of hard to see, but you can see a few dark pink marks – that’s them. The darkest one at the very bottom by my waistband was the first one to appear. The mark right above my inside-out belly button is just a little freckle that’s gotten reaaaally stretched lately!

I know it’s not much (yet) but I was bummed! Here’s hoping that there won’t be too many more, and that the ones I’ve got will fade significantly after this baby’s out.

This week I have my 36-week OB appointment, another non-stress test, and a baby shower my husband’s coworkers are throwing us at his office. I’ll be back to update on all of that in a few days!


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