Final Ultrasound Before Baby

Baby Gap shopping spree 🙂

I’m just over 35 weeks today and just had what is expected to be my final ultrasound. Holy moley.

Fortunately, everything looks fabulous. Baby is head-down and facing the right way, and her head is so far down in my pelvis that they couldn’t even get any pictures of her face. Which sucked a bit because pictures are awesome, but it’s even more awesome that she’s locked and loaded for delivery!

Just like last time, both the tech and the doctor kept commenting on how much hair she has. I can’t wait until we get to see it for ourselves! She’s also looking to be a good size – about 6 pounds – and is measuring a bit ahead length-wise. In fact, her legs were measuring about two weeks ahead! The tech said she’s probably going to be a tall girl (like her mom!).

Fluid levels are still good and the non-stress test was uneventful. Today I ate a granola bar right before the test to give her a little sugar boost, and it seemed to do the trick – she was kicking like crazy!

I got more good news in the afternoon at my checkup with my Cystic Fibrosis team. A few weeks ago my lung function had dropped to 77% of normal, which was a bummer. My baseline is around 85% and the doctor told me the drop was due to my belly compressing my lungs. However, today I was back up to 82%! I haven’t really been doing anything differently so my best guess is that the baby has started to drop, which is taking pressure off my lungs. Whatever the cause I was pretty psyched.

To be honest, I’m actually feeling pretty good these days. I still haven’t had any swelling in my hands or feet, I still don’t have any stretch marks, and though I’m slower than usual I can still waddle around to my heart’s content. I’m not even really having any heartburn or acid reflux, and I only feel short of breath occasionally. The only things that are new and bothersome are:

  • A slight increase in nausea over the last week or two – in fact, yesterday I threw up my whole breakfast. That said, I’m probably only throwing up 2-3x week.
  • A bit more back pain.
  • Increased fatigue, which usually means an afternoon nap of ~2 hours daily.

Even though I have it pretty easy in terms of 3rd trimester symptoms I’m still feeling really ready to have this baby. I just feel like I’ve been pregnant forever. We’re nearly done with our baby classes, we’ve set up all our gear, and the hospital bag is (mostly) packed. Luckily, having an induction scheduled means that we can say with certainty that she’ll definitely be here in just under a month! I can’t wait!


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