32 Weeks


How far along? 32 weeks and 4 days

Due Date: August 9th, 2016

Total weight gain: 10 pounds

Maternity Clothes: Always! I’m kind of wishing I had bought more maternity tops because they’re all that fits me now and I’m getting tired of wearing the same 5 shirts. I don’t really want to buy more clothes that I’ll only wear for the next two months, though.

Stretch Marks: Still none! Crossing my fingers that I may not get any. 😉

Sleep: It’s so up and down. Most nights I wake up around 4 or 5 am and can’t get back to sleep, which is so frustrating. I’m also feeling really tired during the day – today, for example, we went to the county fair and as soon as I got home I napped for a few hours.

Best Moment of the Week: This was a really busy week!

I had my first non-stress test this week, and I’ll be having them weekly until the baby is born since my pregnancy is classified as high-risk. Everything went well, though they did have to prompt her to be more active by playing a loud buzzer (which really seemed to startle her, poor thing!) and having me drink ice water. My OB was happy with the results and said everything is looking good. I also had a good check-up with my CF doctor and my lung function was up 1%, to 78%. It usually hangs out around 85% so it has definitely dipped during pregnancy, which freaks me out, but my doctor said it should bounce right back after I deliver. It’s due to my big belly compressing my lungs, which makes it harder to breathe and cough.

I took the GRE on Friday (hence the photo at the top of this post). I was nervous about getting through a 4.5 hour test without eating, drinking, or using the bathroom, but as it turns out I got a chance to do all of those things during my 10-minute break halfway through. That was a lifesaver. The test went well, but I still think I could improve my score a bit so I’m planning to take it again on July 18th. I’ll be just shy of 37 weeks – hopefully I don’t have any issues that would prevent me from taking it! It’s not the end of the world if I can’t since my current score is fine, but I would really like to get it done before the baby comes.

Since taking the GRE yesterday I’ve been taking a break from studying, which means binge watching Orange is the New Black and doing some fun activities with my husband (while we can still get out of the house sans baby!). We got dinner from one of our favorite spots last night and today we went to the county fair. I couldn’t ride the rides or eat a lot of the junk food, but it was fun to look around and play some carnival games. I won a little stuffed dog that I’m planning to put in the nursery. 🙂

Miss Anything? Still wishing I could eat as many sweets as I want. It was so hard to resist the caramel apples and funnel cake at the fair today. I have such a sweet tooth these days!

Movement: Yes! She’s doing lots of somersaults in there. She can’t really do big kicks anymore since she’s too cramped, but I feel her rolling around all the time.

Food cravings: Nothing in particular.

Anything make you sick or queasy: Not really.

Symptoms: Just feeling big and tired all the time. I have some mild legs cramps and occasional restless legs, but not much in the way of swelling in my hands and feet. I find that if I walk or stand for too long I start to get any achey back, and I have to walk (waddle) slowly in general at this point.

Belly button in or out: Waaay out. Totally popped.

Happy or Moody: Up and down. I’m generally in a good mood but I tend to get annoyed more easily these days.

Looking forward to: We start our baby classes this week! On Monday we’re going to tour the birthing facility at the hospital where I’ll be delivering, then on Thursday we have a breastfeeding class. On Sunday we have an in-home consultation with our doula team to go over what to expect for the birth. We’ll also be working on our birth plan.

My birth plan is pretty straightforward at this point. Because of my CF I have always planned to give birth in a hospital and to get an epidural. Because my lungs aren’t as strong as those of most other people I may need oxygen during the delivery and it’s really important that I be rested. Riding out the contractions in a “natural birth” wouldn’t give me much of a chance to rest up to prepare for pushing. Beyond that, I trust my OB to do what’s best for my health and my baby’s safety. I would like to do delayed cord clamping and immediate skin-to-skin post-delivery if possible, but I also know we’ll need to roll with the punches.

In terms of the birth itself, a lot of people assume my doctor is just going to schedule me for a C-section because of my CF. However, I’m glad that she’s not making any hard-and-fast decisions about birthing at this point. She is totally up for me having a vaginal delivery as long as I’m able and she isn’t pushing any sort of induction date unless it’s needed. Basically, she’s defaulting to treating this like any other pregnancy unless there’s cause not to. I love that, because I’ve heard of many other CF women who were told they had to be induced early as a matter of course because of their CF. That said, I’ll be surprised if I make it all the way to 40 weeks. My lungs are already feeling squished and breathing is more difficult. My CF doctor also said it’s common for women with CF to get infections late in pregnancy that require them to be induced early. Hopefully that won’t be the case – I haven’t had a serious exacerbation in years – but we’ll see.

The only special treatment planned for the delivery at this point is that I’ll be getting a private room. Since I have had a chronic pseudomonas infection since childhood (very common in CF and not a huge deal, relatively speaking) I will be under contact precautions in the hospital. This means anyone coming into my room will have to wear a hospital gown and gloves, and I cannot share a room with other patients, which is fine by me. Being guaranteed a private room for delivery and recovery may be the only perk of having a chronic lung infection! Even though psuedomonas is generally not transmissible to healthy people (including our baby) it could be a problem for any immunocompromised patients on the ward.

I think that’s it for now – I’ll have a lot to update on next week once our classes get underway!


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