30-Week OB Appointment

Today I had a check-up to make sure everything’s still looking good. My regular OB is on vacation so I saw another doctor in the practice. To be honest, I didn’t like her as much (and the 90-minute wait for the doctor definitely didn’t help!) but she was thorough.

Everything looked normal today, which is great. I’ve gained about 2 pounds since my last visit, which is on track, and my blood pressure is normal. They even did a quick ultrasound to check the baby’s growth, and though I didn’t get to see much, I was glad to hear she’s looking good. The only thing that concerned me is that apparently she’s breech, but she still has plenty of time to turn. If I had to guess I would say she’s been flipping back and forth pretty frequently these days since sometimes there’s a lot of kicking low down (as there has been today) and other times I feel a lot more action high up.

Today we reviewed my medications and they confirmed that everything I’m taking should be fine for breastfeeding. I also brought up my concern that I’ve feeling like my lungs are more squished and congested. They took that really seriously given my CF – the doctor asked if I felt like I needed to go to the ER! Definitely not, though I appreciated her concern. They listened to my lungs and took my O2 saturation, and since it was all normal they recommended I bring it up with my CF team at my appointment tomorrow.

The doctor also reviewed my blood glucose charts and seemed pretty happy with my numbers. I don’t think she had a good grasp of my situation, though. She got on my case a little about eating things like ice cream (even though my endocrinologist told me that’s a good way to get calories since it doesn’t spike my sugars in small servings) and told me with a conspiratorial nod that sometimes women with gestational diabetes even lose weight when they stick to the recommended foods. Um. If she was my regular doctor – or knew more about CF – she would know that losing weight is the opposite of what I need to be doing. I need every calorie I can get as long as I can do it without spiking my sugars! I get that many women with GD are overweight, but given the fact that I’ve only gained 8 pounds this pregnancy – and fought hard to get even that – it irked me that she was lecturing me about my diet being too high-calorie.

Fortunately at my next visit in two weeks I’ll be back to my regular OB. I’ll also be starting my weekly non-stress tests that day. Exciting! We’re really getting close now!

PS – Had to come back to share that as I was writing this post I had a late lunch of salad and cheese with a piece of chocolate orange cake for dessert – and my sugars were well under the limit 1 hour post meal (the limit is 145, mine were 131). So there! Long live dessert! 😉


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