30 Weeks


How far along? 30 weeks

Due Date: August 9th, 2016

Total weight gain: Still hanging out at around 5-7 net pounds (or 15-17 pounds gained since the start of the second trimester, when I stopped puking and started eating again). My scale isn’t super accurate, hence the hedging. I’m a bit discouraged it’s not more, but we’re getting there.

Side rant: I generally enjoy chatting about my pregnancy with people, but I’m getting really annoyed with people  – especially people I don’t know well – commenting on my weight. It’s not often, but it happens enough to be irritating. I would never comment on anyone’s weight, pregnant or not, but somehow being pregnant seems to give people free rein to look me over and loudly make judgments on:

  • How much weight I’ve gained (or not)
  • Whether that’s “healthy” (or not)
  • Precisely where on my body excess weight is showing (or not)
  • How fast I’ll lose the baby weight (or not)

What the hell? One time I actually did shut it down by telling them that I have health issues that have prevented me from gaining as much as I’d like and it’s been stressful. That shut them up real quick, but it also ended the entire conversation in a really awkward, oversharing kind of way. So now I just grit my teeth and try to escape.

Bottom line: just don’t say anything to pregnant ladies about their weight. At all. Ever. You have no idea what their situation is.

Maternity Clothes: Yup. The only non-maternity clothes I can fit into are pajama pants, stretchy maxi dresses, and really big t-shirts.

Stretch Marks: None yet!

Sleep: Sleep has been really on and off. For a few nights I was waking up with racing thoughts at 5am no matter what I did, which was incredibly annoying since it took me a long time to settle down and go back to sleep. The last few nights have been ok, but I’ll still often supplement with an afternoon nap when I can.

Best Moment of the Week: Reaching the 30-week milestone! Two months from now our baby will be considered full-term. We will likely have a baby within the next two months! How crazy is that? My husband’s response to my sharing this information was “Holy shit,” quickly followed by, “Wait, when do the baby classes start? I need some classes!”

I’ve also been doing this secretly morbid thing where every week for about the last two months I’ve been Googling outcomes for preemies born at each stage. It’s a big relief to know that if my baby was born tomorrow she would have about a 95% chance of survival and only about a 10% risk of developing a serious disability due to premature birth. And the odds only keep getting better from here.

Miss Anything? This week I’ve been wishing I could just pig out on fruit. Our local farmers market is getting some really delicious stuff in now, and I can’t help but take home bunches of peaches, plums, cherries, and blueberries in particular. They’re so good! I’m just trying to eat it all in moderation so I keep my blood sugar in check. Still haven’t needed insulin yet!

Movement: Yes! I’ve read that her movements will start becoming less jarring now, since she’s getting more crowded in there. I think I’m feeling that a little bit, but every once in a while she’ll give me a hard kick in an uncomfortable place and it’ll really make me jump.

Food cravings: Fruit! See above. 🙂

Anything make you sick or queasy: Not really.

Symptoms: I’m starting to feel truly uncomfortable at this point. I try to walk daily and walking has become a bit more of an ordeal. I feel a lot of pressure low down in my pelvis and if I walk or stand too long my back starts to hurt. My hands and feet are also a tad swollen, but not too bad. Wedding ring is still on.

I’m also starting to feel as though my lungs are getting crowded. This is the pregnancy symptom I was most worried about since, because of my CF, my lungs aren’t in peak condition to start with. This week they’ve felt more congested and it feels harder to take in deep breaths. I’m planning to discuss it with my CF team at my next visit to see if they have any recommendations, or if it’s just a matter of toughing it out until delivery. I don’t feel short of breath, but it’s disconcerting and my cough has increased. If it becomes really bad it can be cause for an early induction. Hopefully it won’t come to that, but it does make me think I probably won’t end up going past 38 weeks.

Belly button in or out: Way out! Interestingly, though, the baby sometimes gets into a position in which my belly button ends up flat or even becomes more of an innie. Then she’ll shift and it’ll pop out again. Weird.

Happy or Moody: Pretty happy!

Looking forward to: An upcoming mini baby boom! I have a good number of pregnant friends and this week I found out two of my cousins are expecting babies in November/December. One of them was a big surprise since a) there’s been a big baby drought on that side of the family (only two kids born over the last 20 years!) and b) she and her husband had told everyone a while back that they never planned to have kids. I’m so excited that they changed their minds and that our little girl will have some cousins close in age. I guess technically they’ll be cousins once removed or something like that, but since it’s looking unlikely that she’ll have any first cousins, I’ll take it. Yay babies!


One thought on “30 Weeks

  1. Great bump!! I totally get the comments re weight, people keep telling me I look really small, which is kind of annoying.. I have always been relatively skinny so I’m actually feeling pretty huge for me… It’s all relative! Especially people who don’t know me well, I’m like how can you judge? So totally get Ya! (I’m 33 weeks) hope it continues smoothly (as much as it can in third trimester!!) for you!

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