Nursery: Before & After

Our nursery is finally finished!

As some of you may remember we converted our walk-in closet into a little nursery because we live in a 1-bedroom apartment in one of the most expensive rental markets in the country, and we really don’t want to move! So, for the first year or two of her life our munchkin will be a closet baby. Luckily the closet is plenty of space for a tiny human like her, and the space is open to our bedroom so she’ll only be about 5 feet away from our bed.

Here was our inspiration, from an article on Apartment Therapy on a couple who did the same thing in their San Francisco 1-bedroom:

From Apartment Therapy

And here’s our before & after!

Our closet in February vs. today!

A big change was installing a new light fixture that makes the room a lot brighter. If we had gone with a mini crib like the apartment therapy folks we would have had more room, but we were gifted this crib by some cousins whose kids have outgrown it, and it’s hard to beat free furniture! Right now the mattress is raised so you can kind of see the storage drawer underneath where we’re keeping extra sheets and blankets.

Here’s a better view of the whole space. We still have some clothes hanging up on the left so I covered them with a curtain.
Changing station with extra diapers in the little holder on the wall
Diapers, wipes, ointment, burp cloths, swaddlers, extra changing pad covers, and pajamas below the changing station.
Lots and lots of baby clothes!
Books, toys, and extra diapers & wipes on the shelf above the changing station
Wall decorations 🙂
Crib, mobile, toys & diaper genie in the corner

I really love how it turned out! And I feel so much better now that we have a place ready for our little one – even though it’ll probably be another two months or so before she arrives.


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