28 Weeks

How far along? 28 weeks and 6 days

Due Date: August 9th, 2016

Total weight gain: I’m not sure! I need to weigh myself.

Maternity Clothes: All the time! I’ve been getting most of my stuff from Old Navy and Target. This week I tried out StitchFix’s maternity clothes box and it was a total fail. They never seem to pick out things I like, so even though it all fit it was kind of ugly. Most of it was cheap little polyester shirts and dresses that were upwards of $55 apiece, which is ridiculous! I ended up keeping a comfortable pair of maternity skinny jeans so I wouldn’t lose my $20 styling fee, but they were pretty pricey and they slide down constantly. Bleh. I think I’m done with StitchFix.

Stretch Marks: Still none yet! I’m not moisturizing or anything, but I guess I’m just not big enough yet.

Sleep: I’ve been feeling a lot more sleepy now that I’ve hit the third trimester. I guess it’s true that you have the most energy in your second trimester! I’m back to sleeping 9-10 hours per night and still wanting an afternoon nap. My sleep itself has been up and down – some nights I sleep really soundly and others I’m tossing and turning all night. Sometimes hip pain keeps me up since I can only sleep on my sides, which makes the sides of my hips sore. Putting a pillow between my knees helps a bit. Oh – I’ve also been having a lot of weird dreams, and a lot of them involve celebrities for some reason. The other night I dreamed Kevin Spacey was my doula which is about the weirdest thing I can think of.

Best Moment of the Week: Finally getting the nursery close to being done! I feel much more organized and ready now. All that’s left now is putting the crib together and buying a stroller. I also really liked our visit with our future pediatrician. He’s very caring and answered all of our questions (even though my husband was teasing me for asking so many!).

Miss Anything? I still wish I could eat more sweets. I’m making due with small doses of fruit and the occasional small cookie. And ice cream! But remarkably my blood sugars are still doing ok. I’m really hoping I *might* be able to avoid having to go on insulin.

Movement: SO. MUCH. I still don’t feel her as much when I’m up and moving around, but when I’m sitting still she’s typically going nuts in there – rolling, kicking, punching, etc. A few times I’ve seen and felt some really pointy, bony part (a fist? a knee?) sticking out, then it’ll disappear. Generally the movement isn’t painful at all, but occasionally she’ll kick me in a weird way and it won’t feel very good. She’s still not high enough up to kick me in the ribs, though.

Food cravings: Nothing in particular.

Anything make you sick or queasy: Not really. I’ll still vomit very occasionally (like, maybe twice a month) if I cough too hard, but it’s not a big deal.

Symptoms: I’ve noticed my hands and feet look more veiny than normal. They’re not swollen overall, but the veins are bigger. I’ve also felt itchy on my ankles, the palms of my hands, and on my boobs. I’m still having some acid reflux at night and lots of burping throughout the day but Tums help. And, of course, I’m more sleepy!

Belly button in or out: Way out! You can see it in pretty much anything I wear unless a belly band is covering it. I love it.

Happy or Moody: Both. Right now I’m prepping for a standardized test for grad school that I’ll take in about a month and it’s really making me moody. I’m just so sick of studying! My semester just ended and instead of enjoying my summer freedom – my last hurrah for the next 18 years, really – I’m stuck inside prepping for this exam. I’ll still have about 6 weeks after the exam is over before the baby comes (unless she comes early) but I’ll probably be too big and cranky to move!

Looking forward to: This exam being over with so I can just focus on getting ready for the baby!


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