Baby Shower & Nursery Prep

Surrounded by gifts at our baby shower!

Last weekend was incredibly special. Our parents and siblings all live across the country from us, but they all managed to fly here for the weekend to celebrate our baby shower on Sunday. Because they’re the sort of folks that love a good home improvement project, they also spent all day Saturday helping us prep our apartment for the baby’s arrival!

We had tons of projects for them. During the semester I had practically no time to devote to the nursery, and all the gifts we were receiving in the mail from friends and family were just piling up around the apartment. My Dad and I worked on clearing a bunch of junk out of our storage room so we could put away winter clothes, linens, and baby items we won’t need for a while (like the highchair). My Mom, who refinishes furniture as a hobby, painted the white crib we were given a pretty shade of sage green/blue. My brother-in-law joined her on the patio to repaint a rocking chair he had bought us as a surprise. My husband and mother-in-law cleaned out our walk-in closet/nursery, and my sister helped organize and put things away (she’s a big KonMari method devotee). My Dad also installed a new light fixture in the nursery since all that was there before was a bare lightbulb and neither my husband nor I knew how to rewire a light fixture.

Basically, they all got done in a day what would have taken the two of us weeks to accomplish! We were so thankful for their help and they felt happy to be included in prepping for the baby. This is the first grandchild on both sides and everyone is so excited.

Here are a few pictures of the nursery, which is still very much a work in progress! As you may remember from an earlier post, it’s a converted walk-in closet so it’s not huge, but it’s plenty of space for a tiny human. 🙂

The shelf opposite the baby’s crib. It has books (including a bilingual English/Spanish book about a llama that my sister picked out), some knitted toys my Mom made, a painting my husband picked out at Ikea, some bins with extra diapers and wipes, and the banner that was hanging up at our baby shower. The clothes pole below the shelf is wrapped in colorful ribbon and I might hang some toys from it or something to make it more fun.
A close-up of the books! I love reading and it was a big deal in our house growing up. Our parents always read to my sister and me before bed. A few of my childhood favorites (Stellaluna, The Mitten, The Rainbow Fish) are in there along with some cloth baby books, touch-and-feel books, and of course, some Dr. Seuss. The Englebert the Elephant book is actually the one I had when I was a kid! I snagged it from my Mom’s house last summer.
This is the changing station and dresser below the bookshelf. The pictures are from Ikea and the diaper rack is actually a magazine holder from Marshall’s. All of those blankets are going to go in a drawer under the crib. The changing pad is still in plastic because otherwise our cat will just cover it in his fur before the baby even gets here.
The top drawer of the dresser holds various diaper creams, a thermometer, changing pad covers, burp cloths, extra diapers & wipes, pajamas, and swaddlers.
The next drawer is all clothes! They’ve all been washed, folded and arranged by size, with the newborn and 0-3 month stuff on the left. We also have socks, hats, bows, and a bunch of tiny knitted items from my Mom. We got so many clothes at the shower – she will be a very well-dressed baby!
Some wall decorations from Marshall’s! I love the chalkboard with all of our ultrasound pictures, from blastocyst to baby. I made the flower magnets with little paper flowers from the craft store. That’s part of the crib leaned up against the wall at the bottom.
These are the shelves opposite the dresser. There are just stuffed animals up there since we want to make sure nothing heavy could fall into the crib. We removed the clothes pole and used the support brace to hang the mobile. The crib hasn’t been put together yet, but you can see what it looks like below.

That’s it for now! I’ll post more pictures of the nursery when it’s finished.

The shower itself was lots of fun and we were so touched by how many people came and/or sent gifts. We got pretty much everything we need and more! It was a laid-back day – we had a few games people could play if they wanted, but mostly everyone was happy to socialize and enjoy the beautiful weather in the backyard. It was important to me that my husband be included as an equal partner – after all, he’s becoming a parent too! – so the guest list was co-ed, which was nice.

I was sad to see everyone leave when the weekend was over, but they’ll be back to visit the new baby in just a few more months! We’ll be spending that interim time doing lots of prepping. Tonight is our meet-and-greet with our pediatrician, which will include a tour of the practice and a baby care class. We have a bunch more classes on labor, breastfeeding, and baby care lined up over the next few weeks, plus a meeting with our doula to draw up our birth plan.

We’re also reading books on baby development and parenting. I prefer to read the old-fashioned way, but my husband likes listening to podcasts and books on tape (well, on Android), so we’re both researching on our own and sharing what we find with each other. I love how proactive he’s being – sometimes you hear about guys really dragging their feet on this stuff, but he’s all over it. He’s going to be a great dad.

I’ll be back with a 28-week update soon! Spoiler alert: she’s moving around SO MUCH and I’m loving it.


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