27-Week Ultrasound

baby comparison.jpg
On the left is a picture of me as a newborn, and on the right is the 3D ultrasound picture of my daughter at 27 weeks. My family says she has my nose and my husband’s lips.

So much has happened in the last week, including my 27-week ultrasound & OB check-up, my family visiting to prep the nursery & throw my baby shower, and the start of my third trimester! I’ll start with the ultrasound and leave the rest to some subsequent posts.

Last Thursday was my big day of doctor’s appointments. I started the day with my ultrasound, then headed to my OB appointment, then saw my CF team and my endocrinologist. It was a really long day, but fortunately they’re all on the same campus so I didn’t have to drive around!

The ultrasound was, as always, amazing. The baby had been super active that morning and that continued into the scan. She kept kicking at the ultrasound probe and wiggling around, which made the tech’s job difficult but delighted us. She’s also still head-down with her head wedged way down in my pelvis so getting a good view of her head has been a challenge, but they managed. We got the wonderful news that my placenta is no longer low-lying and the umbilical cord is no longer erratic. As my OB predicted, the placenta grew upward toward the top of my uterus and the cord insertion ended up in the middle. So, everything is now normal.

The baby looks normal and healthy, too. They did a short anatomy scan (less in-depth than the 20-week scan) and everything was where it should be. The baby is measuring in the 46th percentile for size at roughly 2 pounds 5 ounces. At first I thought 46th percentile didn’t sound that great, but it’s apparently perfect – not too big, not too small, but right on track. If she was too big they would be more worried about managing my gestational diabetes.

They got some amazing 3D pictures – seeing her little face in detail for the first time was incredible. Until now the 3D pictures they had gotten made her look like a misshapen little goblin so it’s great to see her looking like a real baby.

My appointment with the OB following the ultrasound was uneventful. I got my TDAPP vaccine to give the baby antibodies for whooping cough after she’s born, which is great. My OB seemed to be in kind of a bad mood, probably because she was running about 45 minutes late. It was a bit off-putting because she was kind of short with me, especially concerning my gestational diabetes monitoring. I had been under the impression I should be letting the endocrinologist manage my diabetes care (which at this point is just checking my sugars and eating a low glycemic index diet) but apparently my OB wants to be more hands-on with it and seemed annoyed that I didn’t have my sugars charted for her. Oops. I’ll be seeing her again in 3 weeks, plus my sugars are still normal, so it wasn’t a huge deal.

My appointment with the CF doctor was also pretty uneventful. My lung function is still hanging out around 81% (FEV) which we’re all happy with given the fact that I’m pregnant and not getting a ton of exercise. I mentioned to them that I’ve been getting an occasional sharp pain in my abdomen (not in my uterus, but in my gut) and they suspect it’s constipation-related. I’m doing my best to stay more hydrated.

Finally, my endocrinologist rounded out the day with some good news: she said that since my sugars are still well-controlled with diet at 27 weeks it’s possible I may not need insulin. She said that patients with gestational diabetes who go on insulin usually have done it by now if they’re going to need it. However, my OB said she still thinks I may need it before the pregnancy is over, so we’ll see.

That’s it for medical updates. The day after all these appointments my family came into town and we got a ton of work done on the nursery, then had a great baby shower on Sunday. I’ll be covering all that in the next post!


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