26 Weeks


How far along? 26 weeks and 1 day

Due Date: August 9th, 2016

Total weight gain: About +5 pounds from my pre-pregnancy weight, or +15 pounds from my low point during my first trimester after I lost all that weight from being sick.

Maternity Clothes: Oh yeah. It’s all I can fit into right now! When I wear non-maternity shirts they might be loose enough to fit over my belly, but they’re too short so my belly pokes out the bottom like a trucker’s.

Stretch Marks: Still none yet! And I’ve been checking! I’m really wondering when they’re going to show up.

Sleep: When I can, I’ll happily sleep for about 9 or 10 hours. However, my sleep is getting more and more fragmented. I’m waking up a lot, tossing and turning, etc. A lot of times I wake up pretty early in the morning and kind of want to just get up since I’m so restless, even though I know I’ll be tired later. Part of it is just feeling kind of uncomfortable, but sleeping with a pillow between my knees helps.

Best Moment of the Week: Not much is happening in baby-related news, but I’m excited that this week is the end of the semester! I have my last final exam on Monday and then I will have more time to relax and focus on getting ready for this baby. We’ve been receiving so many baby gifts in the mail from friends and family, which is amazing – but they’re piling up around the house and really need to be organized and put away! When my family comes to visit next weekend for the baby shower they’re going to be helping us to clean out some closets, make room for baby gear, and set up the nursery.

Miss Anything? I’m starting to miss being able to move around normally. My belly is big enough now that bending over, getting up off the couch and carrying stuff is getting difficult. I’m also having some lower back pain that probably isn’t helped by my poor posture. I find myself walking around with my shoulders curled and my belly sticking out because 1) it’s easier and 2) I love seeing my belly down there! Sometimes the baby also sits really low in my belly which exacerbates the back pain. My husband has been a champ with the backrubs and the general fetch-and-carry but last night I was so uncomfortable I could only lie down or sway back and forth. I’m hoping prenatal yoga tonight will help a bit. I’ve been thinking about getting a birthing ball to sit on since that’s supposed to help, but I’m really not keen to bring more stuff into this tiny apartment that’s already packed with baby gear!

Movement: So much! She’s been super active and I love it. When I watch my belly I can see her kicking and squirming around in there, which is amazing. I’ve heard from some women that they start to feel kicks in their ribs at this point but I’ve been lucky enough to avoid that so far. I have a pretty long torso (as in, I can’t even wear one-piece bathing suits because they look like old-timey wrestling leotards on me) and I think that’s keeping everything fairly well-accommodated down there.

That said, I’ve been wondering if I’m big for how far along I am, because when I was shopping the other day two different ladies commented that I look like I’m due much sooner than I am! I know some pregnant ladies hate comments like that, but I actually love it when people ask about my pregnancy. It was a hard road to get here and I’m really proud of my big belly. 🙂

A bunch of nearly-new baby toys (and a Beanie Baby) I scored from a second-hand store for $15 total! Awesome!

Food cravings: Nothing in particular. I still have a really healthy appetite. I’m also just really thirsty a lot, especially when I first wake up.

Anything make you sick or queasy: Not really. I did throw up last week for the first time in a while, but it was the usual culprit – first thing in the morning, empty stomach, hard coughing that turned into puking.

Symptoms: Big belly, big boobs, acne, hunger, sore back… the usual.

Belly button in or out: Out! So out. I think it’s funny and cute; my husband thinks it’s weird and likes to boop it.

Happy or Moody: I was feeling kind of moody this week, actually. It’s probably the stress of final exams + feeling achey + hormones. On Monday I just felt like I was PMS-ing (moodwise) and everything annoyed me. My husband has been so wonderful about cheering me up, keeping me well-fed, and generally keeping my spirits up when I’m feeling grumpy. Which, of course, makes me feel super guilty when he’s so sweet and I’m acting like a pill.

Looking forward to: So much is coming up!

  • On the 12th I have my next ultrasound to see how the baby’s growing.
  • On the 13th my family arrives for a visit.
  • On the 15th it’s my baby shower!
  • On the 18th we meet our pediatrician and start our baby care/labor prep classes.
  • And somewhere in the mix we’ll be going to a baby store to test drive some strollers – basically the last item we haven’t yet decided on. I’m leaning toward the new Chicco Viaro travel system but I’d like to try it in person first.

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