24 Weeks



How far along? 24 weeks and 2 days

Due Date: August 9th, 2016

Total weight gain: +3 pounds. While I’m not thrilled that it’s still so little, my OB is actually ok with it. Basically, I lost about 10 pounds in my first trimester because of the puking and food aversions, but since then I’ve been gaining at a steady pace. At today’s checkup she reassured me that as long as I keep gaining at this rate I’ll be doing well, even if I don’t make it to the standard recommended 20-25 extra pounds by delivery.

Maternity Clothes: For sure! I’m mostly wearing maternity pants, stretchy maxi skirts, and maternity tees. A few of my pre-pregnancy shirts still fit but they’re getting too short in the front (as evidenced by the picture at the top of this post!). I just ordered some more maternity shirts from Old Navy since they were having an awesome sale.

Stretch Marks: Still none yet! I’m not sure how, since my belly’s pretty big now, but I’m not complaining.

Sleep: Not fantastic. I’ve been having a lot of nightmares and weird dreams. They wake me up and I either have a hard time getting back to sleep, or I don’t want to sleep anymore because I don’t want the dreams to continue. Today I woke up earlier than I wanted after a particularly creepy dream, but I made up for it with a nap later.

Best Moment of the Week: I think we’ve finally picked the baby’s first name! We have two favorites, but one that we’re really leaning toward. I’m so excited that my husband loves it because he’s been incredibly picky. We literally went name-by-name through Baby Center’s top 1,200 girls’ names and could only agree on two!

A few of his favorites that I didn’t love were Elle, Emma, and Evelyn. A few of my favorites he’s not on board with were Stella, Lyra, and Adela. All pretty names, but they didn’t meet our criteria for various reasons – too popular (Emma), too likely to be mispronounced (Lyra), etc. Our final two are easy to pronounce, pretty, and classic, and our likely first choice is rarely used, though it’s one everyone knows. We’re not sharing them quite yet because, to be honest, it was hard enough just getting the two of us to agree on them and we don’t want other people’s opinions in the mix too! We probably won’t announce our final pick until she’s born and it’s too late for anyone to say anything. 😉

We’re still working on picking a middle name. It will probably be Indian, which will make my in-laws happy!

In other news, I’m still loving feeling the baby move, kick, and roll. Oftentimes I can see her movements from the outside which is pretty cool.

I had a good check-up with my new OB today. She said my uterus feels as if it’s a good size and everything looks great. She’s actually the OB we originally requested when we got pregnant, but she wasn’t available and we were randomly paired with a different doctor who we ended up loving. When that doctor left they rematched us with our original first choice. They have different styles – our first doctor was younger, very matter-of-fact, and did a great job of telling us about all the applicable research when we asked obscure questions. The new doctor is older and more experienced, and has a more gentle approach.

Today, when I asked a question about the likelihood of having the baby earlier than 40 weeks, she talked through the risks and things to consider and ended with, “But how do you feel about this? What are your preferences?” I really liked that, and I appreciate that she’s a proponent of letting the baby “cook” in there for as long as is possible for both of us. I’ve heard from a number of other CF moms that their doctors insisted on their being induced at 37 or 38 weeks no matter what. Our doctor says her goal is to get us to at least 39 weeks (and not more than 41), but it’s going to depend on my health and how the baby is faring. Nothing is set in stone.

We also made a decision about a pediatrician and pre-registered with them. We found a practice nearby that is very well-reviewed online and has won awards from local parenting groups. I like that they get patients in the same day for sick appointments, have an after-hours nurse triage line, and are known for being prompt and responsive when parents call with questions. I also like that they require all patients to be fully vaccinated. I don’t wait my baby sitting in a waiting room with kids with whooping cough because their mom thinks vaccines cause autism. Ugh.

Miss Anything? Still wishing I could eat as many carbs as I want. I would love a great big plate of pancakes! But my sugars are still doing well without insulin so I can’t complain.

Movement: Tons! This baby is a maniac! These days I usually feel her moving when I first wake up, various times throughout the day, and a lot in the evenings. She’s big enough now that I can feel her moving on both sides of my belly at the same time, which is crazy. She seems to prefer to do her kicking on the left, though.

Food cravings: Nothing in particular. Still into Cheez-Its this week. I’ve also been loving cold, raw veggies – bell peppers, cucumbers, carrots, etc.

Anything make you sick or queasy: Not really. I’ll occasionally feel a bit nauseous after hard coughing but I haven’t actually thrown up in a long time.

Symptoms: I’ve been having some leg pains, which are apparently normal at this stage. They can actually be a sign of dehydration so I’ve been trying to drink more water as the weather heats up. I also tried out a prenatal yoga class to help with stretching. Besides the leg pains, I’ve noticed my boobs keep getting bigger and more sensitive, and my hands and feet have been a bit more swollen. I still have a great appetite that starts up pretty much as soon as I wake up.

Belly button in or out: Out! I love it because you can see it through my shirt and it definitely makes me look pregnant instead of just tubby.

Happy or Moody: Pretty happy, with occasional moody spells.

Looking forward to: Three weeks from today we have another ultrasound to check the baby’s growth. I can’t wait! We’ll also see the OB for another check-up afterward. Then, the next day, my family and my in-laws fly in for our baby shower! It will be so much fun having everyone visit, and they’re going to be helping us get the nursery ready, which will be awesome. We haven’t had much time to work on it since we’ve been so busy with work (him) and school (me). By the time they get here I’ll have finished the semester so we’ll have plenty of time to get it all put together.


2 thoughts on “24 Weeks

  1. love the picture! glad everything is going well 🙂
    We are really close time wise (I am 25 weeks).
    I am glad you mentioned you found a pediatrician. It reminded me that I need to get on that!


    • Thank you! 🙂 We had been worried it was going to be a pain trying to find someone, but it was actually pretty simple. I just looked up who our insurance will cover, then looked up reviews for the ones nearby. I’ve also heard of some people just getting recommendations from their OB.


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