Anatomy Scan


Today was our 20-week anatomy scan! I barely slept last night because I was nervous about something being wrong. Fortunately everything was right on track. Our baby measured exactly the right size and there were no abnormalities. Our visit included a fetal echocardiogram and that was perfect, too.

The ultrasound tech confirmed that our baby is a girl! That’s consistent with the tech’s guess at our 12-week ultrasound and the SneakPeek test we did around 16 weeks. We went ahead and shared the news on social media today since we weren’t planning to do a big gender reveal party or anything. I did go pick up a few cute girl outfits at Marshall’s (my go-to for cheap baby clothes, along with Target) after the appointment since it had been so hard to hold back all this time!

We had a great time watching our little one moving around on the screen. For some reason we weren’t allowed to record video this time, but we got tons of pictures to take home.

Here’s one of our little girl yawning:

FullSizeRender (2).jpg

And here’s her tiny foot:

FullSizeRender (1).jpg

Camera-shy for her 3-D picture:


So cute!

My husband swears her profile looks like mine, but I’m not sure… I think all babies look about the same at this point!

The only thing the doctor was slightly concerned about was my placenta. It’s a bit low in my uterus, leaving only about 1.7 cm between the bottom of the placenta and the cervix. They like to see about 2 cm. However, the doctor expects this to resolve on its own with time and doesn’t feel I’m at risk for placenta previa. The other issue is that instead of coming out of the middle of the placenta (like usual), the umbilical cord is a bit off-center, toward the top of the placenta. The doctor also felt that would improve with time, since the placenta tends to grow toward the top of the uterus and as it does, the umbilical cord should end up in the center anyway. Nonetheless they do want me to come in for a recheck ultrasound in 2 months to ensure everything is still progressing well.

Sadly, we had to say goodbye to our wonderful OB today. She’s moving on to a new practice and we’ll be switching to a different doctor since we want to stay with the same high-risk practice. I like the doctor we’re switching to, but I’ll miss our OB who has been great!

That’s all the news for now. I can’t believe this pregnancy is already halfway done!


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