16 & 17 Weeks

17-week belly shot, with my two little helpers in the background!

How far along? 17 weeks & 3 days

Due Date: August 9th, 2016

Total weight gain: Just -2 pounds now! Slowly inching back up to my pre-first-trimester weight (and beyond!).

Maternity Clothes: Yup! For pants I’m only able to get into pregnancy jeans or sweatpants. I’m still getting into my pre-pregnancy t-shirts but they’re tight.

Stretch Marks: None yet! I thought I saw one this week but it was a false alarm.

Sleep: Still sleeping about 9-10 hours per night, but I haven’t felt the need to nap. I’m glad to have a bit more energy now.

Best Moment of the Week: Guys, I’m pretty sure I can feel the baby move! It’s so hard to say for sure because I’ve never experienced it before, but I think it’s the real deal. I only feel it when I’m lying down kind of curled up like a shrimp.

Miss Anything? I’ve been really wanting some sushi lately. And still missing cake! But the blood sugar readings are still holding strong. 🙂

Movement: See above!

Food cravings: Nothing much in particular.

Anything make you sick or queasy: Nope! In fact, I realized yesterday that I can’t remember the last time I threw up! Am I maybe, possibly, done with morning sickness??

Symptoms: Not a whole lot these days. I still have a bigger appetite and feel more tired than I did pre-pregnancy. Belly & boobs are big. But other than that, I feel really normal. It’s almost creepy.

Belly button in or out: Still in, but as you can see in the picture above, it’s on its way out!

Happy or Moody: Pretty happy in general, though I did have a good cry yesterday over a small thing.

Looking forward to: Working on our nursery! I think I’ve mentioned before that we live in a one-bedroom apartment and don’t have any plans to move. The area we live in is one of the most expensive and competitive real estate and renters markets in the country and now that we’re in a place we like, we really don’t want to give it up! We’re in an awesome neighborhood with tons of young families, with a park down the street, walking distance to downtown, etc. Our apartment also has all tile floors (easy cleanup!) and a good-sized backyard to hang out in. Obviously we won’t be living here forever – we’ll probably end up moving for work or grad school within the next few years – but while this little one is small it should work out fine.

Ok, all that said, we’ve been trying to get creative about where we’re going to put the crib. Originally we thought we’d just stick it in the bedroom with us, but I’m having some qualms about that. The best (only?) place we have room for it in there is next to the door from the bedroom to the bathroom, which seems kind of icky. Also, that wall borders the apartment complex’s parking lot, so there are often people slamming car doors right on the other side of the wall where our baby would be sleeping. Finally, it would be nice for us to at least have the option of some privacy in our bedroom! We like to chat before bed, and um, other things. Plus sometimes I cough during the night and I worry about waking the baby up.

So, if not in our bedroom, then where? Enter the Baby Closet:


Ok, I know this does not currently look like a hospitable place for a baby human. If you can believe it, I actually did a ton of clearing things out in here today before I took this photo, and it’s still crammed! But I think once we clear everything out of here and into wardrobes/storage, it will actually work perfectly.

I got the idea from Pinterest. It seems like I’m not the first one to think of this! Here’s an example from a couple in a similar situation:

Full article on Apartment Therapy

How cute is that?? I don’t think we’d have room for a rocker in there, but everything else is pretty similar to what we’d like to do. Basically, we would relocate all the hanging clothes we use often to a wardobe, then put the things we don’t use much in a closet in another part of the apartment. All of the things stored on shelves would go into our storage room. Shoes would go into under-the-bed pull-out storage containers. The dresser and hamper would stay and play double-duty for both us and the baby (I managed to clean out some dresser drawers for baby clothes). The top of the dresser would be converted into the changing station with a changing pad. The crib will fit into the recessed area where the shoes are on the ground now, and I just ordered baby-safe paint & supplies to repaint the crib we were given, since white is kind of bland.

We would add some cute storage bins on some of the shelves for diapers, bedding, etc., then probably just put stuffed animals and pictures on the other shelves to brighten up the space. We would also definitely want to redecorate – taking down the posters and putting up some cute pictures, and maybe some removable wallpaper or a mural. The adorable animal wallpaper in the Apartment Therapy nursery is actually a removable stick-on and I might order the exact same one. Add a rug, a new light fixture, and some finishing touches, and voila! I think it will look great. It’s also close to my side of the bed so I can leave the pocket door open if I want to keep an eye on things, or slide it shut when we want to keep the nursery quiet.

I’m kind of holding off on getting going on this whole project until after our 20-week anatomy scan on the 23rd because 1) a little part of me is still scared something could go wrong, and 2) I’d like to have a definite confirmation of the gender before decorating. In my last post you probably saw that the SneakPeek test (and our 12-week ultrasound) point to our baby being a girl, but it’s not a sure thing quite yet! I’m not planning on having a really gendered decorating scheme either way – for example, the paint I ordered for the crib is a pale mint color that would suit a boy or girl – and I’m just not personally a fan of the super-girly, pink princess type of room for girls. With my luck, my daughter will TOTALLY want a princess room once she’s old enough to have an opinion! But for now I’m planning a more neutral scheme with a few girly things thrown in.

For example, I used to think these were super cheesy, but now I kind it would be pretty cute for a baby girl’s room:

From craftmeigold on Etsy

Plus, in school I acted in A Midsummer Night’s Dream (from which this quote is taken), so I have a special fondness for it – even if it’s kind of overused these days. 🙂

I’m hoping to get the nursery totally done before the start of my third trimester because I’ve been told at that point I won’t have a lot of motivation to do things that require, you know, moving around. I’ll be sure to post some pictures as it’s coming along!


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