13 Weeks


How far along? 13 weeks exactly

Due Date: August 9th, 2016

Total weight gain: About -7 pounds at this point. I dropped about 9 pounds in my first trimester due to morning sickness and diet restrictions for gestational diabetes, and since then I’ve gained a little back… though my doctor would like to see me gaining more. I’m trying, I promise! Unfortunately what I like right now – fruits & veggies – isn’t very fattening.

Maternity Clothes: I just bought some! I got a few things at Target, and there was an awesome sale on the Old Navy website so I really stocked up. However, I haven’t actually worn any of it yet. Most things are still huge on me. But I’m also a bit too big for my regular jeans, so I’ve mostly been wearing maxi skirts and sweatpants.

Stretch Marks: None yet, though my belly has been feeling a bit itchy so they’re probably not far off. I actually kind of hate moisturizer (it feels so gross to me!) but I’m trying to keep up with it.

Sleep: They say you get a boost of energy as you enter the second trimester, and I’m starting to feel that. I’m still more tired than normal but not nearly as exhausted as I was for most of the first trimester.

Best Moment of the Week: Seeing our munchkin on the ultrasound not once, but twice! Last week was our nuchal scan (which I talked about in my last blog entry) which went swimmingly, and seeing the baby kicking around was icing on the cake. Today was my monthly check-up with my OB, and though she wasn’t planning to do an ultrasound, she was having a hard time finding the baby’s heartbeat using the Doppler. She got out the ultrasound and sure enough, baby was in a bad position for the Doppler, but was doing just fine. He or she was kicking and rolling around like crazy! I’ll never get tired of seeing that. 🙂

Miss Anything? Carbs! I really wish I could have a big old piece of cake. Or some gummy bears. Alas, my blood sugar would go through the roof. Luckily I’m still able to control my glucose levels pretty well with diet and haven’t needed insulin yet.

Movement: I haven’t felt anything, but I know he or she is moving around a lot based on the ultrasounds we’ve had. I can’t wait until I can feel it!

Food cravings: Nothing really in particular. Still eating a lot of cheese, sour cream, nuts, etc. to work on gaining weight while keeping my sugars under control.

Anything make you sick or queasy: My morning sickness has improved a lot – thank goodness! I’m still vomiting occasionally (this morning, for example!) but probably not more than once a week. My appetite is better and I don’t feel nauseous anymore, except when I first wake up. That said, certain smells still gross me out – eggs, coffee, and this nasty noodle dish my husband makes.

Symptoms: At this point it’s really just big boobs, pot belly, and feeling a bit more tired.

Belly button in or out: Still in, though I can tell it’s changing shape a bit. The skin around it is also a bit darker, which apparently is normal.

Happy or Moody: I’ve only really been moody when I’m hungry, which is par for the course for me even when I’m not pregnant!

Looking forward to: A couple of things!

First: I just signed up with a doula practice and I’m really looking forward to my first prenatal visit with them! I attended a Q&A with the doulas in the practice last week and I was really impressed with them. I specifically choose this group because they have great reviews online, they work as a team (so you don’t run the risk of ending up with a back-up doula you’ve never met), and they have a reputation for working collaboratively with OBs and moms, not pushing an agenda. I know I will likely need a number of interventions since my pregnancy is high-risk, and I’m interested in an epidural. They’re good with all of that as long as the mother is. Basically, they support you in your choices and help you develop the birth plan you want. They’re not cheap, but the package includes a lot (24/7 availability for questions throughout pregnancy, a birth prep class, assistance all the way through labor & delivery, and a post-partum visit) and my husband thinks it will help calm my nerves!

Second: Today at my OB visit, a medical student approached me in the waiting room about taking part in a practicum for 1st and 2nd year med students. Pretty much all of the health care I receive, both for my CF and for my pregnancy, is through a university hospital with a medical school attached, so there are often things like this going on. In this particular thing they pair each pregnant woman who participates with a medical student, and that student follows you throughout your entire pregnancy, delivery, and post-partum period. They pitch it as “adding a member to your care team,” but since these students are only just starting med school, it’s really more of a learning experience for them. They attend all of your doctor’s appointments to observe your care, and mothers are encouraged to invite them along to birth education classes and any other significant events. I signed up to do it because I think it’s really important to invest in the next generation of healthcare practitioners, and they may never see another pregnant woman with CF during their training! One of my husband’s friends is doing his residency now, and when he found out I had CF he was shocked because the only CF patients he had ever seen in med school were extremely ill. I think it’s important for med students to know that many of us are actually doing quite well and lead fairly normal lives. I’m looking forward to finding out who I’ve been paired with and getting started.

Finally: I’m looking forward to announcing my pregnancy on social media in the next week or two! At this point most of my family knows, as well as my close friends, but I’m excited to share it with people I don’t get to see as often. However, since I’m friends with some of my husband’s coworkers on Facebook, he would prefer to tell his boss and coworkers himself ahead of time. Once he does I’m clear to proceed. 🙂


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