First OB Visit

Today I am exactly 9 weeks along – and we had our first visit with the OB! Overall it was a good visit, but we got some bad news along with the good. However, most importantly, the baby is totally fine and looking good.

The Good Stuff:

First and foremost, baby looks great! The doctor was able to find him or her easily using an abdominal ultrasound, which was a first. We saw the fetus, yolk sac and heartbeat. I had hoped for a more in-depth ultrasound today, but it was just a quick look. After doing some googling it seems many women don’t get an ultrasound at all at their first OB appointment, so all in all I’m happy I still got a peek. No picture though.

All but one of my bloodwork tests came back normal (more on this in a minute) and my cervix looks happy and closed.

I really liked my mystery OB (to whom I had been randomly assigned!). She’s young but very knowledgeable, and really took her time with us. Altogether the visit lasted 2+ hours, most of which was spent with the OB or the resident assisting her. In addition to doing a physical they went through my complete medical history, medications, symptoms, and questions. She had clearly done her homework on CF pregnancies. We had a few detailed questions she wasn’t able to answer, but she promised to look up the answers and get back to us. Overall we were impressed.

The Not-So-Good Stuff:

So… I have gestational diabetes. It was really rough being diagnosed so early in my pregnancy, but I’m grateful that my doctors are so on top of things. I’m also fortunate that my numbers aren’t super-high. My hemoglobin a1c was 5.8 (the cutoff is 5.7) and my 1-hour glucose tolerance test value was 185 (the cutoff is 180). My doctor is hopeful that I’ll be able to control my blood sugar with diet alone, but time will tell whether insulin will be necessary. Next week I’ll be meeting with the clinic’s nutritionist and getting a blood glucose measuring device.

Sadly, my OB told me she’ll be leaving the practice in April, so I’ll need to switch to a different OB. I’m planning to stick with her for now because I think she’s doing a great job, but when she leaves I’ll probably be switching back to the doctor I met with for preconception counseling (who I also really liked).

My doctor is a bit worried that I’m still having occasional cramping, even though it’s mild and I haven’t had any spotting. So we’re keeping an eye on that.

What’s Coming Up:

  • Meetings with the genetic counselor & prenatal nutritionist
  • First trimester screening test (blood test)
  • Nuchal translucency scan
  • Fetal echocardiogram (since someone in my husband’s family was born with a congenital heart defect)

My next check-up and ultrasound with my OB will be in a month, on February 2nd. Things are really picking up steam now!


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