7 Weeks


How far along? 7 weeks and 4 days

Due Date: August 9th, 2016

Total weight gain: Still haven’t checked.

Maternity Clothes: Not yet, but I’m wearing my biggest pants and shirts. I do feel like I have a bit of a belly but it may just be bloating.

Stretch Marks: None yet!

Sleep: Still feeling very, very sleepy. Eight hours a night isn’t enough. I’ll sleep 10 hours and still wake up with circles under my eyes… and then take an afternoon nap.

Best Moment of the Week: Christmas Day!

Miss Anything? Not feeling so sick all the time. Bleh.

Movement: Not yet! Too little still.

Food cravings: I wish! Right now any food just sounds awful.

Anything make you sick or queasy: Everything. I have been so sick this week, it’s awful. Yesterday all I managed to eat were bananas, milk, and toast with butter. I have zero appetite and my poor husband is trying everything to get me to eat. We just went grocery shopping and bought a bunch of bland foods like cottage cheese, oatmeal, fruit, and peanut butter. Hopefully I’ll be able to entice myself to eat some of that.

Symptoms: Mostly nausea, fatigue, acne, and sore boobs. I’ve been peeing a bit more than usual and I’m still feeling minor cramping and pulling in my uterus area, particularly if I stand up too quickly after sitting for a while. I’ve also been noticing a bit more saliva production, which I’ve heard is a common symptom.

Belly button in or out: Still in.

Happy or Moody: Pretty moody this week. This morning I snapped at my husband and told him to leave me alone when he tried to get me out of bed, so he left… and returned a few minutes later with toast, milk, and my prenatal vitamins. Seriously, he is so good to me even when I’m being a witch.

Looking forward to: My ultrasound on the 4th! It’s such a long wait and I can’t wait to see the little one again. Last night I was watching YouTube videos of 9-week ultrasounds and I couldn’t believe how much growth there is. You can even see arms and legs wiggling around! It will be amazing, and I’m really hoping little blueberry is growing properly and feeling good.


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