A Little Scare

I’ve mentioned in previous posts that I’ve been feeling some minor cramping on and off for the last week, always on my right side. Occasionally I’ve felt sharper pulling sensations. Well, last night I felt it again, so I decided to feel around a bit to see where on my abdomen it was coming from – and I found a hard mass, about the size of a golf ball, on the right side of my lower abdomen.

I completely freaked out. I’ve never felt anything like that before and it was only on one side, which is no good. I immediately had my husband feel and he felt it too, though he was dubious that it was anything to worry about.

Was the pregnancy ectopic? Did I have some sort of tumor? Was the baby ok? It was around 9:45pm but I really didn’t want to wait until Monday for an answer. I called the clinic and selected the option to page the on-call doctor. Within a few minutes I was connected to one of the fellows. I had never been seen by her before, but she was great – she told me to calm down and stop crying, and that it didn’t sound like anything was wrong with the pregnancy. She told me to stop touching my abdomen (for fear of rupturing something) and to come by the clinic in the morning since she was doing a few egg retrievals and could take a look at me in between.

This morning she did a transvaginal ultrasound and, lo and behold, the mass is… my right ovary. Apparently the left one is also just as big but it’s deeper in my abdomen so it’s harder to feel. The doctor said the hCG causes the ovaries to stay pretty large, especially in IVF pregnancies where many eggs were retrieved. It’s nothing to worry about, though I should avoid sex and strenuous exercise to reduce the risk of twisting the ovary or rupturing anything.

I’m so glad the cramping, and most importantly the big lump, is all normal. She also took a peek at my uterus and though it was too early to see the baby, she said the lining looks perfect and very thick, and the uterus is growing appropriately (which might also cause some cramping). Basically, everything looks like it should for early pregnancy.

My husband, who was firmly in the “stop freaking out” camp, felt vindicated. I felt relieved – and thankful the doctor was willing to take a look at me on her busy Sunday morning. Hopefully we won’t have any more scares! My next encounter with the ultrasound probe will be on the 17th for my first ultrasound of the fetus and sac.


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