Second Beta

I just got the call from the clinic and my second beta hCG, drawn this morning, is right on track! It should be doubling every 48 hours and it did – from 66.5 to 132. The nurse said everything looks good so there is no need for a third beta. I’m scheduled for an ultrasound in two weeks, on December 17th, to make sure they see a heartbeat and normal growth.

The nurse told me I may experience some mild cramping and nausea, and I replied that it had started already! She was so sweet and encouraging. Apparently chewing ginger can help with the nausea.

I’m out and about today but I wanted to be sure to share the good news! So excited my little poppyseed is thriving in there!


3 thoughts on “Second Beta

  1. Yay!! This is brilliant. Had my first beta yesterday and it was good – but on the high side at 315! Having the second on Friday. Have you got a due date yet? x


  2. I’m not sure about multiples… I had two good follicles, but who knows! Our due date would be August 10th, but don’t think I’d go full term because of my kidney transplant. So excited for you – we can be baby buddies! x

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