7dp5dt: Part II


I resisted the urge to take another test all day – until about 9:15pm when I was about to burst! Literally, with pee. You can see the results for yourself. It looks like this is actually happening!

It’s hard to tell, but I think the line on the First Response test tonight was a smidge darker than it was 11 hours before. And there’s no denying what ClearBlue thinks. That’s the one that really hit home for my husband – it’s totally unambiguous!

I’ll be going in to have my blood drawn for my beta first thing tomorrow morning and I’ll get a phone call with the results by 3:00 pm. I’ll definitely be back with an update then. I’m really, really, really hoping everything is as it should be – and this little one sticks!

In terms of symptoms, to be honest I’m not feeling much that would make me suspect a pregnancy if I wasn’t already being hypervigilant about my body. I’m feeling more tired, especially in the afternoon. I feel hungry more often but I haven’t had any nausea or food aversions. I’ve also had some mild headaches and cramping, which isn’t like me. The worst of the cramping was on Thanksgiving which makes me think that was the day of implantation. Finally, I’m not even sure of this, but I’ve been feeling a bit warmer than usual. It could be my imagination, though.

Thank you so much to everyone for your messages of support – I’m so hopeful and excited! Never, ever in my life have I gotten a positive pregnancy test and now I have three!


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