7dp5dt: Home Pregnancy Test

I woke up this morning feeling a bit of dread. Today was the day we set for doing our home pregnancy test. As I mentioned in my last post, the test I did at 5dp5dt was definitely negative, and I’ve been feeling really awful for the past two days. I braced myself for another negative today as I crept out of bed to pee in the cup while my husband slept.

After five minutes of waiting I went back in to look at the test. I glanced down and saw one big line. Negative. But then…

Look very, very closely at this picture. It helps to look at it full-screen. While it’s not quite as dark in this photo as in real life, it’s there. I can see it. My husband can see it. The ladies in my online TTC group can see it.

It’s very, very, very faint. But there’s a second line.


I’m shocked and excited and in awe. And I know it’s not for sure yet. We’ll be testing again tonight and tomorrow. Tomorrow is the beta, which will be the definitive answer. And if that’s positive we’ll have a second beta. Then an ultrasound. Basically, we’re not out of the woods until I have a baby sleeping in my arms. And even then!

But this is the first if, and there’s really something there. Maybe, hopefully, our journey of infertility is over.


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