5dp5dt: An Early Test

Tonight I caved and took a First Response Early Response home pregnancy test. I’m part of an online support group for women with CF who are trying to conceive and another member who had her 5-day transfer the day before mine just got a very faint positive, and after seeing that I couldn’t get the idea out of my head. I know of women who have gotten faint positives 5dp5dt and this particular test claims to be 76% accurate at this point. So, while my husband was busy in the other room, I snuck into the bathroom and peed in a cup.

Those three minutes of waiting to look at the stick were excruciating. Despite feeling really hopeful all week, in those minutes I felt in my heart that I’d be looking at another negative. It just didn’t seem like it could happen for us.


When I saw the negative I just felt numb. Even though it’s early.

Cruising the message boards just now I’ve come across posts from women who got negatives at 5dp5dt but later got positives at 7 or 8 days post-transfer. According to the test instructions for First Response there’s still a 24% chance I could be pregnant.

I’m trying not to give up hope but it’s starting to hit me now and I feel crushed. It’s silly, but I never thought IVF wouldn’t work for us. Our cycle went perfectly and our numbers were fantastic. I’m only 27 and my doctor can’t find anything wrong with my uterus. The embryo we transferred was the highest grade. All along we’ve been talking about our baby as though it was already on its way. It’s been a conversation of when, not if.

I haven’t told my husband that I tested and I don’t know if I will. As much as it hurts to carry this alone, I can’t stand to give him more bad news. Just this morning I told him, Don’t get your hopes up, but I think it worked. I’ve been feeling different this time, with more cramps and fullness. My head aches and I’ve been so tired lately. Could it really be nothing?

I’m going to try testing again on Sunday, which will be 7dp5dt. At that point the First Response test is 99% accurate. If it’s negative again I’ll still go in for my beta on Monday morning, but I’ll almost certainly be looking at a frozen embryo transfer in the near future.

Keep your fingers crossed I just jumped the gun and tested too early. I’ll be back with the results of the second home test on Sunday.


4 thoughts on “5dp5dt: An Early Test

  1. Good luck! I am sure you just tested early 🙂 I am only 1dpo today, so 11 more days till i test. I have my fingers crossed for you!!


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