The Big Freeze


This morning I got the update from the fertility clinic letting us know how many of our embryos were frozen. It sounds like one arrested, but the other seven were ok to freeze. Here’s the rundown one last time, because I like numbers:

  • 11 eggs retrieved
  • 10 eggs mature
  • 9 eggs fertilized normally
    • 1 blastocyst transferred (grade 3AA)
    • 7 blastocysts frozen (grades 4AB, 3BA, and the rest 3BBs)

The nurse told us previously we could expect about an 80% survival rate with freezing, but I don’t know if the attrition happens when they freeze them or if we wouldn’t know until we tried to thaw them. At any rate, we should get about 5 surviving frozen embryos from this batch if that’s the case.

While I wish the ones we froze were higher quality, those grades aren’t too bad and could definitely produce viable pregnancies. Hopefully this blastocyst we transferred yesterday will stick, but if it doesn’t we have many more chances. We’d also like to have more children someday so it’s comforting to know we have some waiting in the wings. And I hope it means I never have to go through another egg retrieval! In fact, our insurance won’t cover us for another egg retrieval until we use up all our frozen embryos in storage (though they will cover two frozen embryo transfers – we get 3 rounds of IVF total and we’ve now used our first).

In the mean time I’ve been feeling pretty good since the transfer. I had a little cramping yesterday but it was very minor. I’ve been trying to get plenty of sleep and take it easy around the house without being too sedentary. My husband has begun a sweet/annoying habit of telling me what I should and should’t be doing. For example, not pressing down too hard with the apple corer because I’m exerting myself and I’m not supposed to exercise. Not picking up our (small) dog. Not sleeping on my stomach. Not sitting down too much. He’s driving me crazy, but it’s coming from a genuine place, and he’s being very sweet about it. Luckily he also listens when I tell him I’ve had enough!

In terms of my diet I’ve been eating pineapple wedges (with the core) even though I’m 90% sure it doesn’t do anything. But hey, I like pineapple! I’ve also been trying to stick to healthy stuff like fish, nuts, eggs, kale, avocado, etc. I’m drinking tons of water.

I’m already itching to take a pregnancy test even though it’s only been about 24 hours since the transfer. I think we’re going to do it Saturday. The official blood test is a week from today. If implantation takes place when the powers that be expect it to, it’ll be happening on Thanksgiving Day!

The only thing that’s worrying me a bit at this point is that I’m having some pink discharge. I wouldn’t necessarily call it spotting since there hasn’t been any actual blood. The doctor told me I should expect spotting because he really had to go after my cervix with the cotton swabs to get it prepped for the transfer, but anytime I see anything weird/bloody coming out it worries me. Hopefully it’s just the residual junk from the transfer. I swear I’ve been keeping up with my Endometrin – thrice daily! Bleh.

That’s all the update I have for now. I’ll be back with any further developments.


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