Day 3 Embryo Report


This morning we got our call from the nurse, bright and early, with our three-day embryo report. She had good news for us! Here’s the breakdown of this cycle:

  • 11 eggs retrieved
  • 10 eggs mature
  • 9 eggs fertilized normally
  • 9 three-day embryos
    • 7 eight-cell grade one (highest grade)
    • 1 eight-cell grade two
    • 1 seven-cell

We are overjoyed with this news! Not only did all of our embryos make it to day three, seven of the nine are the highest grade!

These aren’t pictures of our actual embryos, but this grading diagram gives you an idea of what they look like right now.

Because things are looking good our embryologist decided to cancel our three-day transfer today, and we’ll instead be doing a five-day transfer on Sunday morning. Our own doctor will be on call to perform the transfer. As I’ve mentioned in earlier posts, our doctor will only transfer one embryo since a twin pregnancy would be hard on my health (though secretly, my husband and I kind of wish we could try for twins!).

So it’s going to be a few more days of waiting, but in this case, that’s a good thing! It’s easier for the embryologist to “pick a winner” when looking at 5-day blastocysts than 3-day morulas. And at this rate, hopefully we’ll have some to freeze too!

This diagram does a nice job of explaining embryo grading at this stage. I’ve found there are many different grading scales depending on the clinic; our clinic uses a numerical system in which 1 is the best. Other clinics use letters (above) and some use a numerical scale in which 4 is the best and 1 is the worst. Confusing!

Can you tell I’ve been doing just a little Googling? I find this stuff really fascinating, honestly!

The best part of getting the news today was seeing how excited my husband is. He’s not a super emotive guy, so to see how giddy he was over the news of our nine little maybe-babies was wonderful. He also said he was psyched that his “guys” had done so well! Ha! I reminded him that it takes two to tango. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Last but not least: a Where do we go from here? picture. Right now our embryos are at the second stage shown. By Sunday they should be looking like the happy little blastocyst in the fifth picture. The final picture is of the hatching process, which hopefully will be happening inside my uterus!

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