Fertilization Report


Last night was another sleepless night. I kept thinking about our little eggs, ICSI’d and sitting in the incubator. Did the 11th egg end up maturing in time? Did they find some good sperm to use for ICSI? Did they fertilize normally?

They promised me a call with our fertilization report by 10:00 am, so I had my phone right next to my ear on full volume to make sure I didn’t miss a thing while in bed. At 9:00: a false alarm (a call, but not from the doctor). I rolled over to snooze a bit longer. Then, at 9:06: a call from the clinic. I yelled for my husband and scrambled to pick up the phone. Then, after just one ring, it stopped ringing.

WHAT. I couldn’t tell if in my haste to grab the phone I had hit the “Decline Call” button or if we had just lost the connection. I waited for a minute and no voicemail popped up. Gah! I grabbed my husband’s phone and frantically dialed the clinic. The receptionist picked right up, then went to find the nurse who had called me. When she got back she told me that nurse had my fertilization report, but she was with a patient now and would have to call me back.

“When?” I asked, trying not to freak out.

“Today,” said the receptionist, obviously eager to end the conversation.

What followed was some prolonged complaining to my husband: How can she be with with a patient when I called back literally one minute later? Is she the only nurse who can divulge these results? Does the receptionist not give a crap how important this is – that she can’t even offer a little understanding? What the heck kind of answer is ‘Today’?

Then, about 15 minutes later, the original nurse called back. I put her on speakerphone with both of us and started getting excited when I could hear a happy tone to her voice. She told us that out of the 11 eggs retrieved, 10 were mature and 9 had fertilized normally! And they’re going to keep an eye on number 10 just in case.

A wave of relief washed over me. Nine! That’s even better than the 80% success rate our doctor told us to expect, even with ICSI!

The nurse let me know we would receive our next update on Friday morning. That would determine whether we would transfer that same day (a 3-day transfer) or wait until Sunday (a 5-day transfer). She said since we had such a high number fertilize normally that it’s likely we’ll get a 5-day transfer.

She also checked to see how I was feeling post-retrieval. I’m actually feeling pretty much normal today, with only a slight bit of soreness. Woohoo! I’m kind of surprised, honestly, given how painful and unhappy I felt yesterday.

So overall, my husband and I are thrilled with the news. Hopefully they’ll continue developing normally and we’ll get a really good one to transfer, plus some other good one(s) to freeze. I know there will be attrition at this stage, but I’m hoping for the best.

It’s also just really exciting for the simple fact that this is the first time my husband or I have ever had an embryo of our own. There exist, right now, on this planet, nine little embryos belonging to us! They’re tucked away in a nice warm incubator, dividing and growing and hopefully getting ready to become real babies! How amazing is that??

It’s going to be a long wait until Friday morning for our next update. My husband was joking that they should just set me up with an embryo webcam. Or a big red Situation Phone I could call whenever I want an up-to-the-minute update. Ha! I wish.

I’ll be back with an update as soon as I hear anything else!


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