Twelve More Hours


…until these eggs leave the building! And by the building, I mean my ovaries.

More importantly, I only have 3.5 hours left during which I’m allowed to eat. After midnight I’ve got to fast until after the retrieval. So as soon as I finish my evening nebulizers it’s time for a final binge. String cheese, anyone?

I’ve been feeling pretty good today, on the whole. If anything I feel a bit less bloated in my ovary area, which makes me feel a bit nervous that some of my follicles ovulated, even though I’ve been doing all the injections correctly. I guess we’ll find out tomorrow.

The one thing that’s actually been unpleasant is my reaction to the hCG shot. I gave it Sunday night at 10:30 pm and felt fine afterward. Around midday today, though, I started getting an awful itchy rash all around the injection site and the whole area felt sore. The rash has gone down a bit now but it’s still itchy and uncomfortable. I spoke to a nurse at the clinic and she wasn’t too worried about it, so I guess I’m not either. It’s just weird because I haven’t had an allergic reaction to anything since I was a kid, and now both the Ganirelix and the hCG are giving me rashes!

As I mentioned in my last post I’m not too apprehensive about the procedure itself since everything went so well at the hysteroscopy. However, I do feel anxious about how many eggs they’ll be able to retrieve. Even though I responded well to the meds, my doctor had me on such a low dose that he only expects to get around 10. I was hoping for closer to 20! I should know once I wake up from the procedure, though, so I’ll be sure to post an update tomorrow.

For now, I’m focusing on the essentials: picking out my comfiest yoga pants + fuzzy socks, making sure my husband’s sample cup is ready to go, and shaving my legs. Because, you know.


In all seriousness, I do feel ready. I took my dogs for an evening walk around our neighborhood tonight to clear my head and I saw that they’re already decorating the trees in the park with Christmas lights. It made me think about next year, pointing out all the lights to my baby – I hope.

We’re so, so close.


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