Egg Retrieval: Scheduled

It’s official: my egg retrieval will be on Tuesday morning!

First thing this morning I went in for bloodwork to see how my estradiol and progesterone levels were looking. The lab is only open for about an hour on the weekends, so it was packed.

Awkward texts to my husband. The RE lab is about the only place in the world where a man can walk into a room full of strange women and announce he needs somewhere to jerk off ASAP (without being arrested).

Luckily they got my blood sample on the first stick and I got to go home and shoot up my Ganirelix. Another day, another weird rash. *shrug*

At noon my husband and I were back at the clinic for one last ultrasound with the doctor. We were in a different room this time and I was able to get a better look at the ultrasound screen while he was working. It was crazy! My ovaries look about ready to burst. Per usual, my skittish left ovary was being camera shy so he had to really push to get it to show up. Ouch.

Based on my bloodwork and the ultrasound he scheduled us for the following:

If it’s on the fridge, it must be official!

So, tonight will be my last dose of stims! The Levaquin on the schedule is for my husband so his sample won’t have bacteria in it.

This means that if I have a 3-day transfer it will be on Friday the 20th. If it’s a 5-day transfer, it will be a week from tomorrow (Sunday). The doctor explained to me that we’ll plan for a 3-day transfer if it’s looking like I only have one good embryo since it’s more likely to thrive in my uterus than in a petri dish. If there are several good candidates, however, they’ll hold out for a 5-day transfer to see which one is the best. He said he expects we’ll do a 5-day transfer since he thinks my egg quality will be good.

The only thing that disappointed me today was hearing that he expects they’ll get around 10 eggs – not the 17 he saw earlier. A number of the follicles have developed faster than the others so not all of the original ones will be ready at the egg retrieval. My doctor is happy with the numbers and thinks we’ll have success with what’s there, but I wish there were more. I worry that he wasn’t aggressive enough with the stims – he’s always been very cautious with me due to my health issues and I hope that won’t cost us embryos. Anyway, he’s the expert, not me. And maybe there are some hiding in the wings on that left ovary! I guess we’ll find out on Tuesday.

Unfortunately my doctor won’t be the one doing my retrieval since he’s not on that day, but the doctor scheduled for it is the director of the program, so I bet he’s pretty good. I’m not feeling nervous about the procedure itself since the hysteroscopy was pretty easy, and it’s done with the same anesthesia. Nonetheless, my doctor warned me that however bloated I’m feeling now, “it will be double next week after the retrieval.” Eek! Good thing I’ve got my sweatpants ready.

In terms of symptoms, today was probably my worst day. I’m walking around all stiff, like an old man with hemorrhoids. My ovaries feel really full so walking, sitting down, and standing up feels weird and uncomfortable. I also had my first irrational weeping spell of this cycle. This afternoon I gossiped to my sister about something I shouldn’t have shared, and my husband overheard me on the phone and got annoyed. He was so sweet about it even though he was ticked off, which made me feel even more guilty. Even after I apologized I was feeling crappy, and then I was preparing my daily Fertility Avocado (eyeroll) and my salt shaker broke and dumped a big pile of salt everywhere. Cue the waterworks. My sweet husband gave me a big hug, then washed off my avocado halves, cleaned up the salt, and sat me down to eat something, since he knows low blood sugar makes me cranky. I’m good now, but I’m feeling ready for all this to be over.

Just one more week and I’ll (hopefully) have an embryo on board!


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