Almost There


This morning I had another ultrasound to check the progress of my follicles. They are growing like crazy! At my appointment two days ago the doctor warned me that the Ganirelix might slow the growth and we may need to up my Gonal-F and Menopur to compensate. He also seemed pretty sure the retrieval would be Wednesday.

Today, however, he said we’ll actually be retrieving Monday or Tuesday! No dose increase necessary – my ovaries are moving right along the way things are.

I lost count of how many follicles he counted off, but he said we’ve got plenty to work with and my lining (8.5mm today) is also looking good. Tomorrow morning I’ll be going in for bloodwork at 8am, then returning around noon to go over the results and have another ultrasound. At that point we’ll make a decision about the retrieval day. Personally, I’m hoping it’s Monday since I have no commitments to cancel that day, but we’ll see.

The office never called me back yesterday regarding the Ganirelix rash, so I brought it up with them at my appointment today. The doctor wasn’t very happy about it but said if it’s not causing any other issues I should stick with it, since I only have two more doses to go. I’m glad it’s not disrupting my treatment plan.

As far as symptoms, I’m definitely feeling a lot of fullness in my ovaries today. It’s not painful, but it is kind of strange. It sort of feels like I have to pee, but that’s not it! My husband and I took a short walk around our neighborhood this afternoon and I found I had to walk pretty slow to avoid having things jostling around in there. I’ve also had a bit of a weird aversion to foods I usually like – mostly fatty, meaty dishes. And lastly – the dreams. I’ve been having these awful, vivid, scary dreams about all sorts of things! Last night it was about missing a big exam in my grad program, and the night before it was about being chased around by a demon. I don’t know which is more scary! 😉

I’m still feeling really happy and hopeful, and so pleased about how smoothly everything is going so far. I hope everything looks good tomorrow and that this streak of good luck continues!


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