Well, I might be feeling my first stims side effect. I’ve never been much of a breakfast person and it’s not wholly unusual for me to feel slightly nauseous in the morning. In fact, I’ve been that way since I was a teenager, and it prompted my mom to have me take a pregnancy test in high school because I guess it seemed like morning sickness! (Of course, the test was negative.) However, I’ve learned how to manage it pretty well over the years so as long as I don’t try to force myself to eat, it passes in an hour or so.

But this morning – ugh! I really felt like I might throw up despite not going anywhere near food. It was unusual enough that I think it might be related to the stims. It’s going away now that I’m sitting quietly, but I hope it’s not a precursor for what’s to come. I’ve only had two doses so far!


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