This morning I had my hysteroscopy for my first IVF attempt. I’m recovering at home now with my husband. Overall, it went really well.

As I mentioned earlier, my doctor recommended the procedure at the beginning of my IVF cycle to ensure there weren’t any fibroids, polyps, scar tissue, etc. that might prevent an embryo from implanting. They do it as a routine procedure for most of their IVF patients. I was feeling really nervous about it – especially about going under anesthesia – but it ended up going perfectly.

I arrived to the clinic an hour before the scheduled procedure and went through intake with a nurse. My husband was with me while they asked me a few questions, had me sign the consent form, and took my vitals. They confirmed that I hadn’t had anything to eat or drink since midnight the night before, which I hadn’t – but I did have a gigantic Indian food binge from my favorite take-out place at about 11:45 pm.

Once the intake process was over my husband had to leave, and I changed into my hospital gown. They took me to pre-op where they placed the IV, which I was really nervous about. When I had my blood drawn for my virology testing on Monday the phlebotomist ended up having to try in three different veins before she got a sample, so my three best veins were all blown. However, they got the most senior nurse to place the IV and she got it on the first try. Woohoo! They started me on a Lactated Ringer’s drip and gave me some Tylenol while I rested in a bed.

Complementary surgery socks! Sweatpants and dog hair not included.
Complimentary surgery socks! Sweatpants and dog hair not included.

On the other side of the curtain they were waking up another patient after an egg retrieval. She sounded really out of it and kept asking how she got there, which was funny but a little scary. Luckily she came around pretty quickly, and our doctor stopped by to check on her. He also stopped in to say hi to me, which made me feel less nervous. I also got a visit from the fellow (MD) assisting him and the anesthesiologist. They were all friendly and took their time answering any questions I had. The anesthesiologist took a lot of time with me going through my medications and listening to my lungs, and told me she would be taking extra care with my sedation due to my CF. Even though the sedative is given through the IV she said she was able to intubate if needed, but she hasn’t ever had to in this clinic. To be on the safe side, though, she planned to go easy on the propofol to make sure my breathing stayed regular. I think both the anesthesilogist and the fellow seemed a little surprised at how normal I am – a lot of doctors who don’t see CF patients often tend to expect the worst, in my experience. But they said my lungs sounded perfect and they expected no issues.

Once it was go time the nurse walked me into the procedure room. That was the only part that felt a bit scary. The room was cold and dimly lit with a lot of machinery… and a table with a big old set of stirrups. Yikes. They had me position my legs in the stirrups and scoot down until I felt like I was practically doing a somersault. Then they strapped my legs into the stirrups and and my arms down on the bed, which I really didn’t like. But there wasn’t much time to think about it, because the anesthesiologist started injecting the sedative through my IV. She told me I would feel a little burning sensation around my IV, which I did… and then the next thing I knew I was waking up in recovery.

Waking up was actually quite pleasant. They said I might feel nauseous but I just felt kind of sleepy and relaxed. I dozed in the bed and the nurses checked on me and offered me juice. Once I was pretty awake the nurse took out my IV and my doctor came by. He told me the procedure went very well and the only thing they found was that the endometrial lining was a little uneven. They were able to even it out which would help with implantation after the embryo transfer (which is still about a month away).

I felt some cramping and could feel that I was spotting a bit. The nurse gave me a heat pack and a pad and I got changed. I actually wasn’t expecting to feel as painful as I did, but it wasn’t any worse than bad period cramps. Once I was back in my clothes and could stand, I met my husband in the lobby and he drove me home. I went right to bed and slept for a couple hours.

The rest of today was spent eating soup, snuggling in bed with my dogs, and binge watching Jane the Virgin on Netflix. A cute, light show that’s also pregnancy-related = perfect. My husband was able to push back his departure on his business trip until tomorrow so he’s here to fetch me food and make sure I don’t keel over. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy it!

My procedure was about 10 hours ago now and I feel fine, just a little more tired than usual. The cramping disappeared after my post-clinic nap, though I’m still having some bleeding. It’s not as heavy as a period but more than just regular spotting. I’ve also noticed – TMI alert – that it’s more of a bright-red, mucousy discharge as opposed to regular period blood. Hopefully it clears up in a few days. Nonetheless, my post-op instructions prohibit any tampons, baths, hot tubbing, or sex for the next week. There was no mention of Netflix and soup.

Our next step is the IVF orientation, which is a one-on-one hour-long meeting with a nurse on Wednesday. It sounds like they’re just going over the medications and how to give injectables. I also plan to ask some financial questions – for example, the cost of PGD, which our insurance doesn’t cover. I’ll be back to update after that!


P.S. I got my virology and blood type test results! Excellent news: I do not have syphilis. Also, I have the same blood type as my husband: A Positive. No Rh factor issues for us!


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