The Calm Before the Storm

On Saturday morning I met someone for coffee, and as I was saying goodbye I heard a faint little noise from inside my gigantic purse. My phone! I dug frantically through my stuff and grabbed it just as it went to voicemail. Caller ID: the fertility clinic.

Gah! I listened to the voicemail right away and it was the nurse calling to set up my IVF medications and appointments. I called right back, but just got their after hours message – it must have been someone trying to catch up on calls while the office was closed. Oh, I was so mad at myself! Why don’t I carry a smaller purse??

It was a long wait until Monday when I could finally get back in touch with the clinic. I finally connected with the nurse this afternoon and she spent a good long time going over everything with me and answering my questions. I feel a lot better since we talked. Except that I found out my hysteroscopy needs to happen a lot sooner than I expected. I thought it wouldn’t be until mid-November, but it turns out it’s going to be in… 4 days.

Yikes. I wrote in my last post about how I’m feeling really anxious about going under anesthesia, and I thought I would have more time to get it together. But apparently it has to be done between days 6-11 of the oral contraceptives, and since Friday is the day my doctor has an opening, Friday it is. To make matters worse, my husband is leaving for a business trip that night, so he’ll be able to come with me for the procedure, but he’ll be heading for the airport about 8 hours later. And I’m the event planner for this volunteer thing on Sunday, so I’m going to be hobbling around feeling crampy and sad while trying to make the centerpieces look not-weird and the keeping the cake from getting squished on the drive from Costco. And I have a big exam on Tuesday.

So basically, this weekend is going to suck.

The nurse assured me that it’s just IV sedation and I’ll feel like myself within a few hours, though I should take it easy the rest of the day. God, I hope she’s right.

On the bright side, I was happy to hear that things will actually be happening on a faster timeline than I expected, assuming my body responds the way they expect it to. Here’s the new and improved schedule for the cycle:

  • October 19th: Start two weeks of birth control pills
  • October 20th: Get blood drawn for my virology (syphilis, hepatitis, etc.) and ABO (blood type) tests, which weren’t required for IUI, but apparently are for IVF
  • October 23rd: Hysteroscopy & lots of weeping & gnashing of teeth
  • October 28th: IVF orientation and injectables lesson
  • November 2nd: Baseline ultrasound to see if the birth control pills did their job. If they did, stop birth control that day.
  • November 7th: Start stimulation injections
  • November 11th: Ultrasound to check follicles
  • [Probably a lot more ultrasounds… yay?]
  • November 18th: Tentative date of egg retrieval
  • November 23rd: Tentative date of 5-day embryo transfer… Happy Thanksgiving!
  • December 2nd: Pregnancy test
  • August 10th: Theoretical baby theoretically due!

I took my first birth control pill a few hours ago – and guess what? Those pills were 100% free! They definitely weren’t free back when I actually needed them! I was kind of shocked when I picked them up from the pharmacy. Thanks, insurance company! It almost makes up for the fact that they’re generally a hive of douchebags that are probably going to make the rest of this process way more expensive and complicated than it needs to be, based on their track record. I have a love-hate relationship with my insurance that’s usually more hate than love.

All right, that’s it for now. Cross your fingers for an easy scoping for my poor uterus.


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