IUI #2 (Final) Results & Plans

I just got the call, and as we suspected: negative. I’ll admit I was still holding out a little bit of hope that the home test might have been wrong, but things are officially a wash for cycle #2.

As I mentioned in an earlier post my husband and I would like to move on to IVF at this point. Given the combination of our male and female factor infertility the odds of getting pregnant via IUI are low. IVF would give us a better shot on a faster timeline – and that’s important because every month I’m TTC or pregnant is a month I can’t be on certain CF medications that could really help me. Another added benefit is (possibly) getting some “extra” frozen embryos to hold onto for the future since we know we will want more kids someday, but may use a surrogate depending on my health at the time.

The nurse told me the doctor has already written up the orders for IVF next cycle, starting with 15-18 days of birth control pills. I actually had no idea you’re supposed to take birth control pills before IVF. It seems counterintuitive, but I guess it’s to help prepare the ovaries for the shirtstorm of drugs they’re about to get hit with during the stimulation phase. Poor girls.

Here’s what’s been recommended:

  • October 16th: Start period, call clinic to confirm if doing IVF.
  • October 21st: Nurse will call on or before period day 5 to discuss treatment plan and meds.
  • October 23rd: Start birth control pills, continue for 15-18 days.
  • November 11th: Hysteroscopy under anesthesia. I will need to take off work that day, next day normal activities. Start injectables (follicle stimulation), continue for 9-13 days.
  • November 25th: Egg retrieval under anesthesia when follicles are ready. Take day off work but normal activity next day.
  • November 28th or 30th: Embryo transfer 3 or 5 days later (usually day 5). Feels just like IUI, valium ok if needed.
  • December 9th: Pregnancy test.
  • August 17th: Have baby! Hopefully. Ha!

One thing I’d like to discuss with my doctor is the hysteroscopy. He’s never mentioned it before and I’m not psyched about going under anesthesia twice. I don’t know if it’s just standard practice prior to IVF or if there’s something in particular he’s worried about.

My husband and I are going to discuss all of this and decide what we want to do. I think we’ll decide to go ahead with IVF. My only hesitation is that my final exams for the semester are all at the beginning of December, so it’s going to be an emotional freaking few weeks – and if my egg retrieval gets moved back it could cause some issues. Fortunately, I think all but one of my professors (ugh) would accommodate my taking the exam another time if by some horrible stroke of un-luck the procedure fell on exam day. But I’ve already planned all the dates out assuming everything will take the maximum amount of time the doctor has estimated, so I think I’m probably ok.

I’ll update later when we’ve made a decision about what we’re going to do. Feeling nervous about all this, but excited about improving our chances!


3 thoughts on “IUI #2 (Final) Results & Plans

  1. We also moved on to IVF after 2 failed IUI cycles (which came after 5 unmonitored and 3 monitored cycles with clomid and TI). Our motivation was that our insurance would cover it so why not try something more aggressive. The idea of extra embryos was also appealing to us. I am currently on day 4 of stims. It’s not so terrible!


  2. Sorry to hear about the BFN. all the luck to your next adventure though! I may join the IVF train if my second IUI doesn’t work.


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