IUI Deja Vu

And just like that, cycle #2 is on.

Since I didn’t ovulate until Day 22 last cycle my doctor decided not to schedule me for an ultrasound to check my follicle(s) until Day 14 this cycle. I went in this morning so the doctor could see if I have any follicles growing yet and BAM – I have a 20mm follicle on the left side.

This wasn’t exactly great news. Last cycle I had my LH surge when the follicle was only 17mm and we had to rush the trigger shot and move up the IUI to (hopefully) catch ovulation in time. The whole point of even using the trigger shot is so that we know exactly when ovulation will occur and can time the insemination accordingly. When ovulation occurs naturally (as it did last time) it’s kind of a guessing game as to when it will actually occur, and since the sperm don’t live that long, timing is so critical.

Even though the follicle was already 20mm my doctor asked me to inject the Ovidrel (trigger shot) tonight and schedule the IUI for Friday. I requested that we do another LH test (like last cycle) to see if ovulation was already underway given the size of the follicle – and I’m glad we did, because I am in fact having my LH surge today. My OPKs didn’t pick it up but the bloodwork did: my LH blood level today was 36 mIU/ml (anything over 20 is considered positive). If we had waited until Friday it would have been too late. So the doctor had me give myself the trigger shot ASAP (around 2pm today) and we’re scheduled for the IUI tomorrow at 11:30.

Honestly, I’m feeling kind of disappointed and irritated. When our first IUI didn’t work we attributed it, in part, to the fact that things were rushed and my husband didn’t have enough time to “save up” his deposit since the IUI was moved up. We were hopeful for this cycle because we figured we would have better timing this time around. But the exact same thing is happening all over again.

I don’t want to miss out on this cycle, but I already feel like it’s probably not going to work. I’m irritated that my doctor didn’t schedule us for an ultrasound exam sooner in the cycle so we could have caught it earlier, and I don’t know why I had to be the one to suggest it might be a good idea to check my LH level today. If we had done it his way this cycle would have been a total bust – and it may be anyway because the timing is funky again. I’m also pretty worried about the semen quality since it will have been less than 2 days worth of “saving up time.”

Ok, enough – I’m going to try to think positive. I’ll update tomorrow night with details on how everything goes. Keep your fingers crossed for us!


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