IUI #2

I just got back from my second IUI. There’s good news and bad news.

The bad news is that the sperm count for today’s procedure was low – worse, in fact, than last time. Last time it was just over 5 million and today it was 1.5 million. We figured it might be low for a combination of reasons: he only got to “save up” for about a day and a half since the IUI was moved up, and he’s been under a tremendous amount of stress at work this week. Nonetheless, the doctor said he sees 1 million as the minimum necessary for a chance at success. He said he’s had “plenty” of pregnancies from samples around the 1 million mark and some from samples with even less. He said some doctors would push for IVF at this point but based on his many years of experience he still thinks we’re in the running.

Now for the good news: apparently our timing was perfect. The ultrasound revealed a corpus luteum where that big follicle was yesterday, and based on the looks of it he estimates that I ovulated sometime this morning. The insemination took place around 12:30 pm. Basically, the sperm should arrive to find an egg waiting for them, which is the best case scenario given the low sperm count.

My husband wasn’t able to come with me this time around because things are so crazy with work, but just like the first time the procedure was quick and painless. It was over before I knew it. The only low point was when I was rude to the nurse because they called me back 45 minutes after my appointment time – and then, because I was so worried about the insemination happening too late, I immediately burst into tears. To her credit the nurse was professional and kind, but probably thinks I’m an asshole/basket case. And it turns out a little later was better anyway since it gives the egg some more travel time, according to the doctor.

So there we have it. I start Endometrin (ugh) on Saturday and I’ll be back for my beta-HCG in two weeks. Unfortunately I don’t have the luxury of relaxing for the rest of the day this time around; I’ve got to head into the city for class (actually, a midterm exam) tonight. But once that’s done I’m free to lounge around (and do homework) for the whole weekend starting Friday. The two week wait starts now!

Life has been pretty good otherwise. Last week we flew to New York for a family wedding and had tons of fun celebrating with everyone. I got a few hours to myself the day after the nuptials to wander around the Museum of Natural History, which was amazing. I can’t believe I had never visited before! Dinosaurs! Gemstones! Indoor butterfly garden! The picture above is of a particularly pretty butterfly that was very much alive, but cooperated for a photo.

We also got to spend time with my husband’s cousin’s 9-month-old daughter, and oh my goodness. She is about the cutest thing in the world and always smiling! Totally false advertising – especially since we could hand her back to Mom if she started getting fussy. But it made us want one of our own even more!


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