IUI #1 Results

This morning I went in for a blood draw for my beta (pregnancy test), and few minutes ago I got the call with the results.

Unfortunately, it didn’t happen for us this time. The results were negative.

I’m doing better than I thought I would, to be honest. Obviously I’m sad and disappointed, but I also feel relieved to not be wondering. The uncertainty was the hardest part of this process. Having already seen the negative home pregnancy test a few days ago did soften the blow, too.

I called my husband at work right away to let him know, and talking to him made me feel better. He’s a numbers guy. We knew the chances were low: IUI success rates don’t seem to go above 15-20%. Our chances were likely lower since the sperm count that day was less than ideal and we ended up having to rush the insemination since my LH surge happened before the trigger shot kicked in. Fortunately we still have two funded IUIs left to use, and three funded IVFs beyond that. And next month’s IUI will likely have a better chance of success since the doctor will have a better sense of when to time the trigger shot with my cycle, and my husband will be able to better plan his “saving up” time (2-5 days is recommended, and in the semen quality test where the measures were better he was closer to the 3-4 day mark).

The nurse instructed me to stop the endometrin today (no more gooey leakage all the time – yay!) and said I should get my period within 3-5 days. She said to call them when I get it so they can begin planning the next cycle. If the timing works out the same as this cycle then IUI #2 should fall around October 9th.

Now – I’m going to go eat some soft cheese and sushi as a consolation prize before getting back into TTC mode in a few weeks. Think positive thoughts for next month!


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