Prepping for a Negative

My beta isn’t until Tuesday, but today I decided to take the second pregnancy test I had on hand. It’s 3 days early (12DPIUI) and this test says it’s about 75% accurate at this stage. Last night I had a dream that I took a home pregnancy test and it was positive, and that made me really antsy to give it a shot today.

It was negative. Not even a hint of a second line.

I know it’s not definitive – nothing’s for certain except the blood test – but it’s not looking good. I’ve also just been having a feeling over the last few days that it didn’t work. If anything my “symptoms” (which are likely just side effects of the progesterone and/or ovidrel) have been lessening recently. I still have the swollen/sore breasts and a bit of bloating, and I definitely feel more tired, but the mood swings and cramping are pretty much gone. I feel almost like normal. While it’s nice to not feel like a crazy hormone monster, I would take that over normalcy if it meant I got pregnant this cycle.

I’m going to keep taking the progesterone and I’ll still be going in for the beta on Tuesday, but I’m pretty sure it didn’t happen for us this time.


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