Less Than a Week Until Test Day

So, remember how I wrote that I wasn’t going to overanalyze things during this two week wait? I was going to calmly focus on other things and not think about what may or may not be happening in my uterus? Well… that’s not been going so well.

As I mentioned before, it doesn’t help that these progesterone supplements are causing a lot of classical pregnancy symptoms (swollen/tender breasts, mood swings, fatigue, headaches, etc.). I’ve been thinking about it a lot, especially now that implantation (if I’m actually pregnant) would be happening any day now.

Implantation calculator I found on countdowntopregnancy.com
Implantation calculator I found on countdowntopregnancy.com

This site is frighteningly addictive. They have user-submitted pregnancy symptoms by date past ovulation and guides on when to test:

Screen Shot 2015-09-10 at 11.21.05 AM

The doctor’s office recommends not doing a home pregnancy test because the HCG in the trigger shot can give a false positive if some of the drug is still in your system. I’ve read online about women buying a bunch of cheap pregnancy tests and testing every day after the trigger shot to see when the HCG is out of their system. Essentially, they get positive tests for a while, with the positive line fading day by day as the drug is metabolized. If they’re pregnant the positive line eventually either disappears and then reappears in tests done closer to 14 days or starts becoming darker (if it never disappeared).

As tempting as it sounds to have that much data about what’s going on (seriously – I love data), I didn’t want to do that. Seeing those false positives at the beginning, even though they clearly would be from the trigger shot, would be kind of tough. But yesterday I broke down and bought a pair of pregnancy tests at the supermarket, and this morning I took one.


It’s definitely negative – as I would expect at this point, since it’s too early for any test to detect a pregnancy. Today I was really just testing to get a baseline. If I got a positive today it would mean the trigger shot was still in my system. It’s obviously not anymore, so if I decide to test closer to the 14-day mark it’s unlikely I would get a false positive.

And I’m seriously considering using that second test, either on Monday or Tuesday morning. I’ll be going in Tuesday morning to get my blood drawn for the beta HCG pregnancy test, but I likely won’t get results until the afternoon. If I take a home test that morning and get a negative I’ll have some time on my own to prepare for bad news from the doctor (though there’s still a possibility I could be pregnant if the hormone levels are be too low to detect on a home test, but can be detected in a blood test). If I get a positive on the home test then it would likely be true, but I would need to wait for the doctor to confirm before getting too excited.

Mentally, I realize this is not a great plan. I’m playing havoc with my emotions either way. But I’m just dreading that call from the doctor’s office saying it’s negative, and since in all likelihood it will be, I’m hoping the home test can help soften the blow.

That’s all the update I have for now. I’ll be back with an update next week, no matter which way things go.


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