Ovulation: Success!

This morning at my (polite) insistence I had one more ultrasound appointment with my doctor to make sure I did, in fact, ovulate. And I did! He found a 15mm corpus luteum on the right side where the biggest follicle had been growing.

The doctor said it’s not really possible to pinpoint when ovulation occurred from the ultrasound but he would guess it was sometime yesterday afternoon or evening. By my own math the follicle had been growing 0.25mm per hour for those last 24 hours, and given that they usually ovulate by 24mm at the largest, that 23.4mm follicle was likely to ovulate within a few hours of the IUI. So he feels good about the timing (11:00am IUI plus sex with Pre-Seed at 2am last night, just in case) and we’ve done all we can do for this cycle. I’ll start my progesterone supplements tomorrow then I’ll be back on the 15th for my pregnancy test.

Having the elderly male pharmacist explain how to insert these as a vaginal suppository was super awkward this morning.
Having the elderly male pharmacist explain how to insert these was super awkward this morning.

Over the next two weeks I’m really going to try not to focus on possible pregnancy symptoms or speculate about what’s going on. I think it will just drive me crazy. I know there are some women who do their own pregnancy tests at home by “testing out” the trigger shot (since it can give a false positive) then seeing if they can get a true positive closer to the 14-day mark. I don’t think I’m going to do that… for one thing that’s a lot of $$$ pregnancy tests, and for another, I’m just going to obsess over it and get my hopes up. So: no temping, no testing, no analyzing breast soreness/nausea/spotting/anything else that may come my way. Just progesterone and a positive attitude.

That’s the goal, anyway.

I wanted to ask my doctor what he thought our chances were this cycle in light of both the (probably) good timing and the less-than-optimal semen sample. But it seemed like a frivolous question and I couldn’t get it out. The most he said on that front was that “normal” couples doing no interventions have about a 20% chance per cycle, but our using the IUI was killing two birds with one stone (the crappy cervical fluid and the lower sperm count). He doesn’t think the sex with Pre-Seed was likely to do anything, but it didn’t hurt. How close all that brings us to the 20% mark, I don’t know.

I probably won’t be posting much between now and the 15th, but I’ll be sure to update as soon as I know anything. Keep your fingers and toes crossed for me!

The pill popping regimen... and this doesn't even count the inhaled & nebulized meds!
The pill popping regimen… and this doesn’t even count the inhaled & nebulized meds! #thebionicwoman

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