All Signs are Go!

T minus 82 minutes to IUI! My husband dropped off his contribution to the process at 8:30am and his boys are probably being “washed” at this very moment. He went in to work for a few hours but he’ll be meeting me at the clinic at 10:30.

Meanwhile, in the name of science, I did one more ovulation test, and lo and behold:


Well finally, Clear Blue! A little late on the uptake given yesterday’s bloodwork, but I’m happy I got a positive for this cycle! I’m taking it as a good sign for the day’s activities.

I also felt a sharp pain/cramping in my right ovary area last night around 10:30 pm – not sure if that was the oft-mentioned “Mittelschmerz” (ovulation pain) but I think it at least means something’s brewing down there.

Fingers crossed everything goes smoothly – and that we get pregnant today!


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