Trigger Shot Day!

This morning was such a flurry of excitement! No positive OPK over the weekend so this morning (CD21) I was back at the doctor for another ultrasound. The follicle on the right has grown to 17mm – still slow growth, but it’s now large enough to trigger ovulation! They drew my blood to check my LH, estradiol, and progesterone levels just in case, since if my LH surge was happening now I would need to have my IUI tomorrow. They’re going to call me if the results change the plan, but as of right now, I’ll be triggering with an Ovidrel injection tonight and getting my first IUI on Wednesday morning!

Here’s the plan:


I can’t believe it’s happening! I’m so excited, but also nervous since there are so many moving parts. What if my husband misses the cup and we have no semen? What if my ovulation goes funky and the timing is wrong? And, of course, what if it just doesn’t work?

I’m trying to just think positive thoughts now. My husband and I are young and healthy. Our doctor is very good and has decades of experience. They’re pretty sure the only thing wrong (besides my poky ovulation taking forever) is the thick cervical mucus, so once we bypass that with the IUI it should be smooth sailing. And if it all goes to hell on this cycle, our insurance will pay for a couple more!

Speaking of insurance – as I mentioned in my last post we’re kind of rushing this cycle, so we didn’t have the Ovidrel and progesterone prescriptions sorted out yet. My doctor sent them to a local specialty pharmacy this morning and they were able to fill them (whew!) but they need a prior authorization from my insurance to get them covered. The Ovidrel shot is only $133 and I need it today, so I bought it out-of-pocket and the pharmacy is going to try to work with my insurance to get me reimbursed once the prior auth goes through. The progesterone, however, was a whopping $560 without insurance! Since I’m not starting that until Friday I had them hold onto it and try to push it through insurance. If by Friday my insurance is still futzing around (totally likely) I’ll just buy it and try to get reimbursed, but it’s going to be a sad day for my wallet. If worst comes to worst the pharmacy does have a coupon program that brings the cost down to just over $200, but then I wouldn’t be able to go through my insurance for reimbursement. And it should all be covered.

Bleh – enough insurance stuff. I’m going to try to focus now on staying relaxed. I just ate a salad and I’m going to be working out this afternoon, which is all good stuff. I’ve been trying to do some meditation/visualization, which at least can’t hurt anything. And tonight: the shot! I’ve never injected anything into myself before, but I’ve given injections to dogs. If anything it should be easier, right? I’ll hold still and I’m not quite as furry! 🙂

My sister's thoughts on the Ovidrel injection... ha!
My sister’s thoughts on the Ovidrel injection… ha!

I’ll update soon… send good thoughts my way!

UPDATE (10 minutes later): Gah! New plan! My doctor got my test results back from this morning and the LH surge is happening NOW! My LH value is 28.4 (anything over 20 indicates a surge). Interestingly, my Clear Blue OPKs gave me negative results this morning and just now when I tested again.

The nurse just called me to ask how soon I could give the trigger shot. So that’s how I ended up standing in my kitchen in my underpants all by myself just now, sticking a needle into my belly by sheer force of adrenaline. Sorry, I wanted to take a picture for you guys but there was no time!

It actually wasn’t as bad as I thought – it’s a teeny tiny little needle and it was over fast. It was kind of squicky doing it to myself (I at least thought my husband would be with me for moral support!) but it didn’t hurt much. Since ovulation is underway I guess it’s just going to just make me ovulate super hard? Ha!

So IUI is now tomorrow morning at 10:30 am. My exercise class tonight was just cancelled, which is actually quite fortuitous since I should probably be resting. So the rest of today I’m going to chill on the couch and study (woo!).

Sad pasty tummy after ovidrel shot
Sad pasty tummy after ovidrel shot

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