Back to Normality?

Not much new on the conception front – except that this month’s cycle was completely, 100% normal. After a couple 35-40 day cycles then a really weird 17-day cycle, this last one was a real relief. I ovulated on Day 16 and got my period on Day 30, just like clockwork.

I’m wondering if my weird cycles this winter and spring were brought on by stress. They started just before the holidays (during which we did some traveling) then continued right on through the majority of a pretty busy semester in my grad program. I didn’t necessarily feel more stressed than usual, but now that the semester’s over I’m finally having a normal cycle. Huh.

In any event, I’m still in kind of a holding pattern – just continuing to test with my OPKs every month to gather more data for when we do our first IUI attempt this fall.

I still haven’t talked to my family about any of this. I did see both my parents over the last few weeks, and since they both live far away I was thinking it would be a good time to bring it up – especially since my husband’s family knows now. I’m really worried they’ll mention it to my family somehow even though they’re under strict instructions not to discuss it with anyone. However, I just never found the right time to talk to my parents about it during their visits. Another time, maybe.


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