Cutting Down on Guesswork… Clearly

As I wrote previously, last cycle was kind of a bust in terms of trying to figure out what the heck my body is actually doing. My temps were all over the place, the doctor found a growing follicle that appeared to be prepping for ovulation around day 20, I had a brief spate of negative OPKs, then I got my period. Bleh. All of that left me pretty discouraged.

My doctor essentially told me to quit being cheap and buying Walgreens brand OPKs since Clear Blue is more accurate. So, this month I bought a $$$ box of Clear Blue OPKs and vowed to start testing on Day 9 as instructed.

It didn’t quite work out that way – I was traveling last weekend and didn’t feel like dealing with temping, charting, and peeing on sticks over three time zones – but once I got back home I got back on track on Day 11. As predicted, my temps were all over the place since my body had no frickin’ clue where we were, what time it was, and when we were supposed to be waking up. I was getting negative OPKs too. Then, on Day 15, like magic:

Positive Ovulation Test!!

Ok, this isn’t THAT huge of a deal. I’m not pregnant. But this is the first time I’ve ever gotten a positive result from peeing on anything, so I’m going to celebrate that smiley! And more importantly, it means I really am ovulating! And on schedule, no less!

Today (Day 16) I got another positive, so my fertile window isn’t crazy small or anything like that. More good news. However, my cervical fluid over the last few days has been pretty much the same as it usually is: creamy/sticky consistency with no stretchiness. Definitely not anything approaching eggwhite. So, again, as the doctor said, that could be my biggest obstacle.

This cycle’s chart. The stars indicate what the app thinks my predicted ovulation date will be… it’s never right, though!

I’ll be curious to see if my temps shift up in the next few days, which would be consistent with a normal ovulation pattern. If they don’t, I’m not sure if I’m going to continue temping. I like having the data, but doing it religiously every morning at 7:15 every single day is kind of a pain. And if I can get more accurate results from the Clear Blue OPKs, with less guesswork and anguish about what’s normal and what’s not, then why mess with it?

Speaking of testing, we finally got the results of my husband’s semen test back. The doctor still has to go over everything with him and interpret the results, but from the raw data and lots of Googling things seem to be fairly normal. And, as my husband has been quick to point out to me several times over the last few days, his guys were well above the 75th percentile for motility and speed (overachiever!). I’m looking forward to hearing what the doctor has to say about everything, though.

Finally, last night over dinner my husband dropped a bit of a bombshell: he told his mom we’re going to be trying to get pregnant this fall and that we’re currently working with a fertility doctor. Woah. He had been pretty adamant that he didn’t want her to know yet so I was pretty surprised he decided to tell her everything. What changed his mind is the fact that she recently found out she’s going to be going out of the country for about 6 months for work, and I think he’s feeling a little down about her being far away (even though she already lives pretty far from us). In any event, she was excited to hear the news and very supportive, which is wonderful. She told him it made her day! She’s promised to keep it a secret for now and we can trust her to do so.

So… we’re kind of failing at the “not telling other people” thing. Thus far I’ve told my sister and a close friend of mine who is a child psychologist (I was asking her for recommendations on good books to read as preparation for parenting; she recommended this one). My husband has only told his mom. As I’ve mentioned before, I’d like to tell my parents but I’m still concerned about a less-than-supportive response, and if I know one thing about myself, it’s that I’m pretty sensitive to negative feedback. On the other hand, I would hate for them to find out accidentally, from someone else (though we really trust the people we’ve shared with so far).

My mom is coming to visit in a few weeks, so that could be a good time to talk. I guess for now we’ll just play it by ear.


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