Cycle Drama

So… yesterday I got my period. That’s not what was supposed to happen. After my doctor’s appointment last week (the one on day 22 where he found a growing follicle and predicted ovulation within a few days) I assumed I had ovulated late around day 24 or 25, but I never got a shift in my basal body temperature or a positive ovulation tester. Then, less than a week later, my period shows up. Since my temperature stayed consistently low over this cycle I’m pretty sure I never ovulated, which is distressing seeing as the doctor seemed to think my only issue was thick cervical fluid.

I know it’s possible to have a funky, out-of-the-ordinary cycle so I’m trying not to read too much into this, but since I’ve started really tracking my cycles this winter it seems like I haven’t had a single normal one. And this time I didn’t even ovulate.

This cycle's chart. I was really consistent with my temperature taking - 7:15am every day, first thing - but I never saw a temp shift. Boo.
This cycle’s chart. I was really consistent with my temperature taking – 7:15am every day, first thing – but I never saw a temp shift. Boo. On the plus side, I love the Kindara app! It makes tracking so easy.

I’m supposed to be tracking my cycles in order to figure out when I typically ovulate so that when we’re ready to seriously try for IUI (probably in the summer or fall) we know what to look for when scheduling the procedure. I contacted my doctor yesterday to ask him what he thought was going on and he responded:

At this point the plan was just to monitor your cycle length and see if the LH kit works for you. Better to use clear blue than generic. We are proceeding with IUI [as the plan] till you get your MFM consult. You should call us to report the length of your next cycle. It is not very clear when you ovulated this month and whether you had a short luteal phase.

It looks like I need stop being cheap and buying the Walgreens brand ovulation kits – but the ClearBlue ones are so pricey! Bleh. So, I’ll continue monitoring and working on getting my pre-conception consultation appointment with the high-risk OB at maternal-fetal medicine (MFM).

Fingers crossed for a better cycle next time around.


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